BELGIUM – Belgian directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have announced their retirement from feature film directing in order to concentrate on their music video work with the top slice of female singing talent.

The two time Cannes winners first came to international recognition with their slice of life dramas such as Rosetta and L’Enfant, which focussed on the lives of marginal members of society. However, more recently they have been experimenting in short form musical videos, and has led to them being hired by some of the most famous pop artists in the world including Miley Cyrus for whom they created the ‘Wrecking Ball’ video and Jennifer Lopez’s forthcoming ‘Booty’ video featuring Iggy Azalea.

Jean-Pierre spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec about their decision:

The idea has been with us for some time. We like filming beautiful women moving to music. It’s so refreshing after all that dreary stuff we usually do about immigrants. When we made Two Days, One Night with Marion Coutilard, we were hoping that at least we’d get some superstar magic but it was still fairly depressing stuff. This way we won’t have to deal with working class people any more who – I can tell you this now quite frankly – are the most dreadful people. Utterly, utterly horrid.

 But won’t many of your fans be disappointed?

Oh, f*ck them. If they’re so mad keen on the poor and huddled masses let them get up early in the morning and hunt around for a boy and his bicycle to film in a pseudo documentary style.

What will your next project be?

We have a whole bunch line up. Rihanna wants us to work together again because we had such good fun with her and Shakira when we did ‘Can’t remember to Forget You’ and we simply have to work with Katy Perry. She is so wonderful. Beautiful and a great sense of humor.

The Dardennes Brothers’ final feature film Ariana Grande Goes Bananas will be released in 2015. 


CANNES -The Studio Exec fact team landed in Cannes on a helicopter and immediately set about facting the fact out of the festival. Here are their 5 FACTS about the Dardennes brothers.

1. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes pretend to be Belgian, because they think its ‘cool’.

2. Before becoming filmmakers, the Dardennes also invented what came to be known as the ‘bicycle’.

3. At the insistence of Jane Campion – Jury President – the Dardennes will be known throughout the course of the fesitval as the Dardennes Sisters, ‘because its funny.’

4. The Dardennes first film was Hell Boy, their only fantasy movie.

5. The Dardennes brothers have won the Palme d’Or 68 times even though there have only been 67 festivals, mainly because they cheat, telling their fellow competitors the wrong address.

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