HOLLYWOOD – The first image from Mad Max: School Run, the sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, has hit the internet and caused intense excitement.

George Miller today released the first image taken from Mad Max sequel, Mad Max: School Run. He told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We’re all made up over here mate. After we had such a big success with Fury Road, the question was always, how am I gonna top that? But we got our heads together and we really had a good old think. Then we realized: Let’s get rid of all the usual shit, the post-apocalypse, the punk, the wasteland and let’s see how these same characters would fare in an ordinary suburban American situation.

Can you tell us anything about the story?

Furiosa and Max have had some kids and they’ve settled down. Plus the apocalypse has been solved. Everyone has just got together adn agreed to be nice again. So we’re ten years on from the original film, society is back to normal and the couple have a bevvy of little sprogs. But getting them to school on time and then Max has to go to his job at the DMC and Furiosa needs to be at the Pentagon and so it works out very complicated. It doesn’t help that Immortan Josephine is the school monitor and wants to catch them speeding or in some other school yard violation as revenge for their killing of her brother Immortan Joe.

Sounds great!

It’s gonna be a flipping classic mate. Just you wait and see.

What’s next?

I want to go back to the Babe universe and close the trilogy.

Is this the infamous Babe in Space?

Damn right. We had to wait for a porn film of the same name to settle for the copyright, but it’s gonna be fantastic.

Mad Max: School Run will open in 2018.

Image courtesy of the amazing @ThePixelFactor.