LONDON – Today on the release of Skyfall  in the United Kingdom, Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli announced that they are working on a breakaway project. ‘We have two main possibilities,’ said Michael Wilson. ‘But by far the most popular idea is that we’ll have M having her stand alone movie.’
‘And what will it be called?’ we asked, excited.
‘Erm,’ he said. ‘M.’
Judi Dench – when asked about the prospect- expressed enthusiasm. ‘Oh, definitely,’ she said. ‘Why should all the boys have all the fun?’

It is believed that Paul Haggis has already submitted a treatment. ‘Yeah,’ he said, when we asked him.

The story would begin before M met James Bond and would see her rise through the ranks of the British secret service fighting misogyny and the villainous Margaret Thatcher who is seen as a Moscow implant. Daniel Craig is expected to make a cameo as a little boy on a school trip.

M: the Early Years is due out in 2015.