HOLLYWOOD – Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman is to star in what is being described as a tongue-in-cheek postmodern take on 1930s cult classic Reefer Madness.

Morgan Freeman will play Dr. Alfred Carroll, a high school principle who tries to instruct parents of the danger that soft drugs pose for their children. The 1936 original was directed by Louis J Gasnier and financed by a church organisation was straight forward anti-drugs propaganda. The new version will be directed by Kevin Smith and is being described as an ironic take on anti-drugs hysteria.

Morgan Freeman dropped by to the Studio Exec bungalow earlier today to talk EXCLUSIVELY about the film:

The thing is Kevin, Kevin Smith, he has such a … vision. You know. He can see things. I’ve always admired that. I saw Clerks and I thought I really want to work with this cat, but we never had a project we can do together but then I thought what if we found a project and the one we could make, but I wouldn’t know which one, not really. I mean I’m kind of hungry. Are you guys hungry? What have you got for snacks?

Just these M&Ms Terrence Malick left. Here you go.

Oh, very cool. Yeah so we had the project set up and we thought the script was pretty funny. I mean not laugh out loud funny, but you know think about it and smile funny. A long dreamy smile. And we said who shall we get to direct it and I thought I honestly don’t know . And then someone –  I think it was me – said, Kevin Smith. And I said, what film has he done? And then I remembered, he did Clerks! I dug that movie. I’m just going to lie here. Oh wait my hand has gone to sleep. These M&Ms don’t have peanuts in them.

No. They’re chocolate M&Ms.

Oh that’s cool. What did Terry say when he had them?

He freaked out.

I’m not surprised. If Terry don’t get his peanut M&Ms he goes ballistic. He’s some crazy loon. Did you see Tree of Life?



Didn’t make much sense.

Did you see it stoned?


No? Well, let me tell you, it makes even less sense when you’re stoned! Ha ha ha! [15 minutes of giggles].

Reefer Madness will be released in 2018.