HOLLYWOOD – New Hugh Jackman film Logan is a blatant Wolverine rip-off.

The trailer for Logan dropped this week, leading many fans to claim the film was way to derivative of X-Men character Wolverine. The film seems to star Hugh Jackman as Logan, a man who appears to have Wolverine like claws. At one point in the trailer – perhaps as some kind of joke – he even holds an X-Men comic book.

X-Men x-pert Mr. Titmus had this to say:

It’s an absolute travesty. Hugh Jackman wants to go on to do something else? Get away from the X-Men? Fine. But that something else looks exactly like Wolverine, but a bit older. It’s ridiculous. There’s even Patrick Stewart.

Hugh Jackman was unavailable for comment.

Logan will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman is furious about the new film Logan, claiming that it is a direct rip off of the X-Men character he has played for fifteen years.

Hugh Jackman is usually a mild-mannered sweet man, but when he stormed into the Studio Exec bungalow this morning he was furious.

‘Have you seen this?’ he said, shoving his tablet in my face and showing me a trailer for the new film Logan. ‘I can’t believe it.’

When I asked what was the problem, this is what he said:

I was really looking forward to this new film Logan. The original is amazing with Michael York and Jenny Agutter. I should have known something was wrong when they left the “‘s Run” off the title. But anyway… I watched it and it turns out they’ve totally ripped off Wolverine. I mean it’s the same character, the actor looks just like me and he has these claws. They’ve even managed to rope in poor Patrick Stewart to play someone called Charles, who is just obviously Professor Xavier.

But isn’t it…

And the thing that pisses me off is it actually looks better than the Wolverine movies. They even got Johnny Cash to do the soundtrack. I thought he was dead.

Logan will be released in 2017.