HOLLYWOOD – HBO’s hit show Westworld is to make sense for its final season.

Breaking with tradition, Westworld makers today declared that the show will do something totally new in its fourth season: make sense. The last season saw a precipitous drop in viewing figures, which had already fallen after a successful first season. Although the series received praise for its spectacular design, the convoluted plot caused some consternation. ‘Like trying to eat spaghetti with a paperclip,’ the Guardian wrote. ‘Er, what?’ the New York Times agreed. Even star Ed Harris found his face permanently etched with worry lines as he sought to make sense of it all.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy sat down with Studio Exec to talk Westworld.

So what can we expect from the coming season?

JN: The first and most obvious thing is we’re going to make the show much easier to understand.

LJ: We both knew that when we watched the episodes of season 3, we had gone too far. They were just so hard to follow. What does Maeve want? Who is Dolores again?

JN: That was the biggest problem. We were asking these questions and we’d written the show.

So it’s going to be simplified.

LJ: Absolutely. We’re going to have the villains clearly delineated. And people aren’t going to have these weird backstories that are suddenly revealed.

JN: We have such great actors working on the show, and we just give them this gobbledigook exposition to spout. I mean, Vincent Cassel. Did you know who he was supposed to be?

Great that sound super. 

LJ: What we want to do is reveal and I suppose this is a spoiler but anyway, we’re going to reveal that the audience are all hosts, basically.

Wait. What?

JN: This is the extra layer we needed. Can you imagine people’s faces when they realize we built them so they can watch the show?

Westworld Season 4 arrives in 2021.


HOLLYWOOD – Westworld Season 3 to feature dinosaurs.

Westworld Season 2 is over, but season 3 is already in production and Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy popped into the Studio Exec bungalow to spill the beans.

JN: So far we’ve seen Westworld and Shogun World, but we know there are other parks.

LJ: We also saw the Raj.

JN: Oh, yeah I always forget about that one.

So what does the next season have in store?

LJ: So the next season we want to greatly expand. The idea is that the Hosts escape the island. But they find themselves on another island. An island where dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction.

JN: People were so busy asking if they could do it, no one bothered to ask if they should do it.

LJ: So Jurassic World…

But there’s already a film called Jurassic World.

JN: There is?


LJ: It doesn’t matter. It’s not like a world anyway. It’s more like a park.

JN: Yeah, a wildlife park. So we can call it Jurassic Park. 

But there’s…



JN: Already a film?


LJ: It doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with what we’re doing. No one will ever connect the two.

They’re both based on properties written by Michael Crichton.

LJ: Fuck you Exec!

JN: You shitty little cockwomble.

Westworld Season 3 will be on HBO in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Don’t know anything at all about Westworld?

Okay. The Studio Exec FACT squad has entered the park where cowboys and slatterns exchange quips and bullets. What could possibly go wrong?

One. The original pilot for the series written and directed by Michael Crichton featured Dinosaurs but it was decided that it would be too expensive.

Two. Rachel Evans Wood, who plays Delores, spent six months being a robot to prepare for the role. She even learned the ‘robotics’ dance style. Later, she said that learning to dance like a robot had been ‘a complete fucking waste of time’.

Three. Anthony Hopkins is almost certainly a robot who killed Arnold and took on his role. Or someone else is a robot.

Four. The sex scenes were the first thing that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy wrote. And then they built the story around them.

Five. The weird British guy has to die. And the weird lesbian. How did they sneak the weird lesbian into the show? At one point did they think we’ll get a lesbian in, but let’s make her weird, because you know, she’s a lesbian?

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