HOLLYWOOD – Peter O’Toole was one of the best actors of a brilliant generation. In honor of him and his passing, we’ve dusted off some FACTS from the Lawrence of FACT-abia.

1. Although Lawrence of Arabia is quite long at 228 minutes, it actually took longer to film. Almost a half day in fact.

2. Peter O’Toole is often seen as one of a generation of great drinkers who have sometimes been accused of wasting their talents by occasionally being distracted by acting jobs.

3. His most famous roles have been historical personages: Henry II in The Lion in Winter, Henry IV in Becket and Zaltar Supergirl.

4. When Wolfgang Petersen hired O’Toole to play Priam in Troy, the actor was so impressed by the script that he made the film for free. 

5.  Peter O’Toole made much of his Irish heritage, but he’s actually Swedish and his real name is Pol Heplestoom.

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