HOLLYWOOD – JJ Abrams today revealed that the next episode of Star Wars – Episode 9 – will tak eplace in an alternate timeline.

Following the success of The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams returns to direct episode 9 of Star Wars. Today Abrams dropped round to the Studio Exec bungalow to talk about his ideas for the film:

I watched The Last Jedi and I loved what Rian did. But I won’t lie: it kinda knocked what i wanted to do into a cocked hat. I’d written a whole script assuming that I’d have some characters who died. And there were also some questions that I was thinking of in a different way. For the past months I’d tried to work out how to make my and Rian’s vision coincide. Then I watched Star Trek on TV, the movie I made and it clocked. Alternate timelines. My movie will start off exactly where Rian’s begins but a time bomb will go off shattering the Star Trek universe into two. I’m only sad I can’t get Leonard Nimoy to come in at the beginning and explain everything to the audience.

Can you tell us anything else?

I’m afraid that an iconic space vessel is going to explode.

Not the Millennium Falcon!?

What? No! The Starship Enterprise.

The news was greeted with relief by some fans and consternation by others. A clearly fatigued Mark Hamill commented: ‘Whatever’.

Star Wars: Episode 9 There Are Actually Other Jedis will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – William Shatner signs on to direct Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 2.

William Shatner is going to direct a sequel to his 1982 hit The Wrath of Khan. He spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the new film:

The first film was such a blast and everyone enjoyed it. I thought let’s do it again. These characters interest me. Captain Kirk interests me. I want to explore him. I want to see what happens next. And did Khan really die? I know Riccardo Montalban will be keen. I’ve called him a few times, but you know Riccardo. Always out and about.

How will the film fit in with the rest of the Star Trek universe?

I don’t understand the question.

Well, the different TV series, the JJ Abrams films.

I. Am. Not. familiar with. Those works.

What about the other films you did?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan 2 will be released in 2018.



HOLLYWOOD – With the release of Star Trek Beyond, the Studio Exec FACT Squad has hit warp speed five and teleported to the planet’s surface dressed in red shirts.

To Boldly Go FACT CHECK where no man has gone before! The Studio Exec FACT Squad searches for the Tribbles of Truth.

1. Star Trek was created in 1964 by Gene Roddenberry who wrote a treatment for NBC executives, describing it as ‘similar to Star Wars, but about twelve years before Star Wars will be made.’ Understandably, no one knew what Gene was smoking but the show got green-lit anyway. JJ Abrams ironically used exactly the same pitch when he went for the job of directing the reboot in 2009.

2. Star Trek was one of the first multiracial casts on network television. With Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans and Humans frequently sharing the same screen. Previously each race had been given their own separate shows such as The Krazy Klingons Laugh In and Honey, Where’s My Pon Farr?

3. Everyone in Star Fleet is issued with a light sabre, but no one uses it, because they forget it’s there.

4. Originally Captain Kirk was played by Leonard Nimoy, but Roddenberry agreed for Nimoy and Canadian scuba diver William Shatner to swap roles when Nimoy had to go to the dentist to have caps fitted. Fortunately, Nimoy’s pointy ears were to become a trade mark part of his character Mr. Spock. Later Nimoy exploited his Star Trek fame to write a book about child rearing which was hugely influential, instructing parents to leave their children with wolves ‘as often as is humanly possible.’

5. The actual spaceship in Star Trek – the USS Enterprise – is actually a model and is unable fly in space or achieve warp drive. It is so small that not even one person could fit in it, let alone a crew of hundreds. It’s shit. It really is. Very disappointing.



HOLLYWOOD – CBS have announced that the new Star Trek will feature Bryan Cranston as Spock in the reboot of Star Trek due out in 2017.

Although the new Stark Trek is to feature new characters, it has been confirmed that an exception will be made for everyone’s favorite Vulcan, Mr. Spock and he will be played by everyone’s favorite meth cook Bryan Cranston. Studio Exec has managed courtesy of The Pixel Factor to obtain a short screen test that was completed on the CBS lot.

It clearly shows Bryan Cranston’s amazing transformation into Mr. Spock, a doppelganger of the late Leonard Nimoy.


Star Trek: Into the Tribbles will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Rumors are circulating today that Leonard Nimoy, the veteran Star Trek actor who passed away earlier this year, may in fact still be alive.

Star Trek enthusiast Artie Pupkin speculates that Leonard Nimoy may still be alive, arguing that Nimoy’s casket was shot onto the planet of Genesis, following the detonation of a new ‘terra-forming’ device:

Nimoy wished that his funeral exactly resemble the plot to “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” the first film of the franchise that Nimoy himself directed. Now it is becoming apparent that perhaps this was a bid for immortality, as he knew full well that the terra-forming device might have an effect on his own body.

Shocking evidence for the theory came with the publication of a photo that seems to show Leonard Nimoy’s coffin in some kind of extraterrestrial grove. Others have angrily denied this is the case. William Shatner told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

This is. Impossible. People. Need. To know the difference between fiction. And reality.

But Pupkin is adamant in his ambivalence:

I’m not saying this is true or untrue—what I’m saying is there are two things we need to be aware of. If Zachary Quinto starts to behave really weirdly then there’s a strong likelihood he possesses Nimoy’s katra, or memory spirit, and he should be taken to hospital and/or the planet Genesis, preferably by his own crew, Pegg, Pine, et cetera, gone renegade. The other thing is this: pay attention to the killer whales at SeaWorld. That’s a longer-term thing but we should keep our eyes on them.

“Star Trek: Into Tribbles” will be released in 2017.



HOLLYWOOD – The spin off TV show to Tom Cruise’s popular Mission: Impossible franchise came closer to reality today with the first picture of the assembled cast.

Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Barbara Bain and Leonard Nimoy are all confirmed to star in the new Mission: Impossible TV show, which producers are hoping will cash in on the success of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation. The show has been planned for many years, but has run into difficulties casting the team.

Executive producer Tom Cruise spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

The idea of the show was easy. The very structure of the films lends itself to an hour long episodic TV format. I mean it fits like a glove really. The only problem was getting the team together so to speak. First Martin Landau dropped out and then Lesley Ann Warren and Lynda Dey George were circling the same role, before Barbara finally said yes. We’ve got Lalo Schifrin to come up with a variation on the movie’s theme music. Let’s see what he comes up with.

The movie franchise began with the 1996 Brian DePalma directed action film starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. ‘It was so original,’ says Cruise:

I said to Brian at the time, how the hell did you come up with such an original idea? And he just grinned, you know the way Brian does and so we left it at that. But it really launched the second half of my career and gave me freedom to do all those other projects.

The series has included entries directed by the likes of John Woo, JJ Abrams and Brad Bird. The pilot of the television show will be directed by Bruce Geller.

Mission: Impossible the TV series will be broadcast early in the Fall. 


HOLLYWOOD – A documentary released this month will reveal that internet guru and  marriage equality advocate George Takei earned money when he was younger by appearing in a television program called ‘Star Trek’.

The revelations from the film ‘To Be Takei’ came as a shock to his millions of fans who know the Radio and Web celebrity as a witty and uplifting presence via Facebook and Twitter. But Takei was quick to defend himself, telling the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I was very young and I needed the money. I wanted to do straight drama. Of course, I did. Who didn’t? But when my agent told me that they were casting for the series ‘Star Trek’ I think it was called, I decided to go for it. Even the producers didn’t think it would run for more than one season and would quickly fade into obscurity. But apparently, probably via YouTube, these documentary film makers have managed to fish up some old episodes to embarrass me.

Takei is not the only celebrity to be caught out. Sixties pop stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy also made appearances in the show which followed the adventures of the crew of the USS Interpretation (or something) as they explored a hastily redressed studio or the desert near Los Angeles every week.

Takei says that he has no plans to watch the episodes:

The door is closed on that part of my life and I haven’t honestly even thought about it these past forty years or more.

 To Be Takei will be released in 2014.


HOLLYWOOD – News just in that Leonard Nimoy is joining the cast of Sylvester Stallone’s next meat and potatoes opus Expendables 3. ‘I felt we need some intellectual weight to the piece,’ said Sly. ‘The last film was too flighty and I think Lenny’ll bring some gravitas on your ass.’

Nimoy explained that he was attracted to the role Spack, because it gave him an opportunity to show his range. 
‘I’ve always wanted to do a big gristly action movie and this is my chance,’ said the Star Trek actor and author of popular baby care manuals from the seventies. ‘There is a scene in the script where Sly and our group are trying to land a helicopter on the top of a pine tree while firing improvised rocket launchers at the MIGs flying overhead, and I turn to Sly and I raise one eyebrow and I say “This is illogical”. It is pure magic.’
For a full update on the rest of the cast CLICK HERE

The Expendables 3 will be out before you die, unless you’re going to die soon.