LONDON – Alejandro Inarittu admitted today that no one actually died during the shoot of his award winning film The Revenant.

Talking EXCLUSIVELY with The Studio Exec, Alejandro Inarittu finally confessed that no one had died during the shooting of The Revenant ‘despite my best efforts.’ The admission comes following a series of appearances of stars Leonardo diCaprio and Tom Hardy despite claims they had been killed and perhaps eaten during the tumultuous production:

I honestly don’t know how the stories got started that we were doing some sort of snuff movie, but it probably came about because we were so intent on authenticity that from the very beginning of the movie we were willing to go to some quite dangerous extremes. Especially with Leo. We began to talk about using a real bear for the attack scene and then later Leo insisted on chopping off Tom Hardy’s fingers during the fight because he said that was what his character would have done. Tom not to be out done bit off a piece of Leo’s ear. But did anyone actually die? I mean was anyone killed? No.

Police have however warned people away from joining in the new craze of Revenant parties which involve using real bears and have resulted in people being badly mauled.

The Revenant will win Oscars.