Breaking News – Hot on the tails of the Super Mario Bros movie announcement, it has been confirmed that a David Lynch Chuckie Egg movie is in development. The David Lynch Chuckie Egg movie will be based on the smash hit 80s computer game of the same name. The Exec caught up with Lynch to discuss his new project.

[Cough] David, do you have to smoke in here during the interview?


… Ok then. Can You Tell Us What Drew You To Such A Different Kind Of Project?

Well, it’s like this. People know me for making films that don’t necessarily have linear narratives, bourgeois constructs or easy to follow plots, if any. I’m an artist that seeks constant reinvention and stimulus. Therefore I was very stimulated when Paramount drove a truck full of money up to my home and told me to look at their script for Chuckie Egg: The Movie. I thought to myself, ‘David, it’s time for reinvention. Oh, and a new swimming pool. Ya can’t forget the swimming pool.’

So This Isn’t Going To Be A Subversive Take On The Computer Game Movie Genre?

Fuck, no! As I said, I have reinvented myself. I’m gonna be the darling of the studios. You think Ron Howard is a safe, 7/10 kinda director? You aint seen nothing yet. I’m gonna direct this shit by the numbers. I’ve already been on to McDonalds about a Chuckie Egg McMuffin tie in. This will be the blandest movie I ever made.

Is It Live Action Or CGI?

It’s whatever the fuck the producers tell me it’s gonna be. We haven’t had the initial feedback data from the focus groups yet, so we really can’t say at this stage. But I guarantee you this, Mr Chuckie will have his eggs and eat them.

Had You Ever Heard Of Chuckie Egg Before You Read The Script?

Script? Have you seen the script? If you do, then please forward me a copy. I’ve heard it’s great. But to answer your question, no. I never played video games in the 80s. I was too busy making Dune, Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. What were you doing?

David Lynch’s Chuckie Egg: The Movie Starts Filming In December


HOLLYWOOD – David Lynch agrees to film TV series of Wild at Heart.

Following the success of Twin Peaks: the Return, David Lynch is once more looking to the small screen for a spin off of his 1990 hit Wild at Heart. The original movie starred Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern as lovers Sailor and Lula, on a mad road movie pursued by Lula’s crazed mother. Many discussions of a sequel have circulated, but now it looks like a TV show is the preferred option.

We spoke to Lynch yesterday:

So Wild at Heart?

Yeah, I like the idea. It’s neat. I really enjoyed working on Twin Peaks. The new one. I liked the way that we could really tell a long story. It felt much better than having to squeeze everything into a short period. You know, for a film.

How far along are you?

What with the script? We’re done with the first three episodes. I have story outlines for the whole season. We are also talking with actors to cast. It’s going to be very challenging to have actors come up with something that’ll compare with Laura and Nic and what they did. Though both of those guys will be coming back for small parts during the series. They won’t be in every episode or anything like that, but you know what I mean.

Why Netflix?

Well, I did the thing with the monkey, What Did jack Do? and that was a lot of fun and they showed that. We just started to have a conversation and those folks have a lot of money and I mean, a lot of money. So I always have these ideas and I said what if me and the monkey went on a road trip, like Wild at Heart. They misheard me and thought I said I wanted to do Wild at Heart. And they just began to throw money at me.

So wait you’re making the film about you and the monkey, not Sailor and Lula?

Yes, kinda. I mean we’ll put in some stuff for the fans but I’m more interesting in tooling around America with Jack, the smartest talking capuchin monkey that I know. We’ll have some music and if the weather is good, we’ll keep the top down.

What if the weather is bad?

We’ll probably still keep the top down.

Wild at Heart is imminent.