HOLLYWOODDaniel Day-Lewis’ final film will be a biopic of Shia LaBeouf, currently titled Shia.

Following his decision to retire, Daniel Day-Lewis has assured his fans there is one last film. The actor will complete a biopic of fellow actor Shia LaBeouf.

“Shia LaBeouf is without doubt the actor of our generation,” says Ron Howard, former Happy Days actor and the director of the forthcoming film. “And who better to play him than the second best.”

The Dayster (as he’s known in Thespian circles) has become legendary for the extent of his preparation. When he starred in My Left Foot as paraplegic author Christy Brown, the There Will Be Blood star spent the whole shoot in a wheel chair, writing novels and refusing to answer to the name ‘the Dayster’. Likewise to prepare for his role as Hawkeye in Last of the Mohicans, Day Lewis spent three months underneath a waterfall shouting hoarsely at Madeline Stowe. This role might prove however to be his toughest challenge yet.

Already the physical transformation has begun to take place, and the first shot of him (right) as the Disturbia and Transformers star shows an utterly transformed and strangely younger looking man.

“A shave and a haircut and we’ll be there,” quips an ebullient Howard.

When asked for a comment, the normally reluctant In the Name of the Father actor was quietly forthcoming. “I’ve studied Shia for years,” says Day-Lewis, his eyes fixed on the ground. “This is the man who rescued the Indiana Jones franchise you must remember. So when Ron called and said he had a challenge for me, I knew he wasn’t kidding.”

Daniel Day-Lewis Preparations in Full:

Daniel Day-Lewis

For My Beautiful Laundrette DDL bought a laundrette. “It was pretty, sure but it wasn’t beautiful,” said a disgruntled Stephen Frears. It was a lesson in perfectionism from the director of Tamara Drewe.

Preparing to play Daniel Plainview, in There Will Be Blood DDL changed his first name to match his character.

For Lincoln, Steven Spielberg described how the actor prepared for the famous assassination scene, by being shot in the back of the head every morning for two weeks. “Something to do with muscle memory,” the 1941 director remarked wonderingly.

To prepare for Nine, the chameleon actor “did nothing at all.”

While shooting Gangs of New York, Scorsese noted how “Daniel would use every opportunity to talk to Cameron. It was touching really. He sat and studied her and learned from her. I think he was a better actor for it.”

Shia will be released in 2018.


LONDON – News just came in that Batman star Christian Bale is to play British home computing mogul and revolutionary vehicle designer, Clive Sinclair.

Speaking exclusively to the Studio Exec, Christian Bale discussed the appeal of the project:

Clive Sinclair was a true revolutionary. Before Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, Clive Sinclair brought into millions of homes the personal computer, the ZX81 and the ZX Spectrum. He was a driven man and one that I will be proud to play.

Is it going to rival the Steve Jobs film?

A bit. But that isn’t the reason I’m doing. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Michael Fassbender can do with the role I ended up turning down. But the key to our film is that we are looking at the latter part of his career when he tried to move into motor vehicles and specifically the Sinclair C5 Car which was a revolutionary way of getting rid of cars altogether. If it hadn’t been for the combined dirty tricks of Ford and other motor car companies then we really could have had that future that we used to read about in comic books. With the backpack helicopters things and the food in pills.

Heat and Last of the Mohicans director Michael Mann will be behind the camera and the screenplay is by Frank Cotrell Boyce. We asked Christian what Michael brought to the project.

I think he’ll add a surprising element of action. Many people today unfairly remember Sinclair as a kind of sad, boring, slightly weird character. But when they see the gunfight in a multi-story car park in Norwich and the C5 chase down the A595 towards Barrow-in-Furness, they’re going to have to do a lot of reassessing.

Sinclair is due to be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – Lincoln star, Daniel Day-Lewis is in the midst of intensive preparation for his next role, playing the actor Shia LaBeouf in David Lynch’s long-awaited epic bio-pic Shia.

The star of Last of the Mohicans, In the Name of the Father and My Left Foot, Daniel Day-Lewis spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the project:

I have been entering the character backwards. Slowly I’ve been forgetting how to act, I’ve denuded myself of charisma, I am becoming a blank canvas.

On which to paint your character?

No just a blank canvas. That’ll probably be it.

The film began initially as a dream project of Martin Scorsese but he got cold feet around the time that Transformers 4: The Age of Extinction came out.

‘How can I compete with that?’ he was heard to shriek as he ran from the theatre.

Ron Howard then came aboard and that was when Day-Lewis also found himself interested in the role (for more on that story CLICK HERE).

Howard himself was to back out, awed by the enormity of the task and now the project’s current director David Lynch is ready to begin shooting. For Lynch – whose fame today resides mainly on the rumor he once ate a squirrel – Shia will be his final film.

David Lynch said:

At first I was very nervous. I’ve played great Americans before. Abraham Lincoln, Bill the Butcher, Daniel Plainview. But could I bring myself to play the greatest American currently alive, after Adam Sandler? I don’t know. But I’m going to try. What I say quite seriously in my quiet little voice is that after Shia what else will I have to say? What else will anyone have to say?

Shia LaBeouf is currently not acting in a Broadway play because it was ‘difficult’.

Shia will be released in 2016.


DUBLIN – In a bid to repair his reputation, Abraham Lincoln impersonator Daniel Day-Lewis has requested that all remaining negatives, DVDs, blu-rays and digital copies of Nine be gathered together and destroyed.

‘It’s very simple,’ said Dana Cook, once famous as half of Wayne’s World but now Daniel Day-Lewis’ bag man and PR agent. ‘Daniel has a nearly flawless career, with masterpiece after masterpiece. My Beautiful Launderette, Last of the Mohicans, My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and even smaller films like The Ballad of Jack and Rose or The Boxer and then there’s a large film-shaped turd like Nine.’

Day-Lewis has also allegedly approached Martin Scorsese about recutting Gangs of New York. Dana Cook agrees:

Yes we did have a conversation with Marty. Daniel was very pleased with the work he did on that picture as Bill the Butcher, he really felt he created the character, but unfortunately there’s that great big ass, Cameron Diaz, gallumphing about the film and utterly ruining it. Dan felt snip, snip and the film… nay the world would be a better place.

According to Cook, Scorsese is seriously considering a new Director’s Cut of the film for release in 2014.


What are we looking at?

HOLLYWOOD – Twenty years since the release of Michael Mann’s rip-roaring bodice busting scalp scalping run around fest The Last of the Mohicans, Michael Mann has revealed he intends to start filming a sequel early next year, provisionally entitled, Actually We’ve Found Some More Mohicans. The film will star Daniel Day-Lewis, who will have won another Oscar by then, as Hawkeye, not the hilarious army doctor who spent the Korean war quipping and lusting after Hot Lips, but someone totally different.

Speaking from his loft in New York, Mann screeched like an American eagle: ‘I was always really down on the end of our film, because it was such a bummer you know. The last of the Mohicans, sounds so final, but that was like the Fenimore Cooper novel. But then I got to thinking what if there were some other Mohicans who – I don’t know – had been hiding? What then?’
The film will also star Madeline Stowe who has already quit her job at JC Penneys in order to prepare for the role.
‘I am always looking for new challenges, to do something totally new and original,’ said the Miami Vice director. The plot will involve Curly, Moe and ChingaChuck, the three remaining Mohicans and the scrapes they get into when they are mistaken for drug smugglers by the mafia. Only with the help of Hawkeye and a lot of luck are they going to get out of this scrape.

Actually We’ve Found Some More Mohicans will be released in 2014.


Brioche, espresso e succo di arancia  

I met Danny Day-Lewis in Florence, Italy where he works in a small shoe repair shop between movie jobs. We shuffled unnoticed through the arcades to a busy bar near his shop: Negozio di scarpe di Dannio Day-Lewisio. He’s in a cheerful mood after Lincoln: ‘it was a hoot,’ he says. ‘Emancipating and rocking the beard. By a mix up I got the wrong script and so I spent three months hunting vampires in preparation until Steven told me there had been a mix up.’

You’ve always chosen your roles very carefully. What made you choose to do Lincoln?

True. With the exception of Nine. For that role Rob Marshall just got me very drunk, mixed in a bit of Spanish Fly and put in a room with some pigs for two days and some high definition video equipment. I had to do it then. But Lincoln was a no brainer, especially after the theatre scene: Ha ha ha!  

You’re famous for your preparation. What did you do to prepare for this role?

Well, first of all I had to emancipate some slaves. How do you do that in this day and age? I thought, but luckily Steven has his own plantation he’s been keeping because of some legal loophole, something to do with taxes (read more about this horrifying story here), and he let me go over there and liberate some. You know just to get a feel for it.

And the voice?

That was a challenge. I mean how did Lincoln speak? I meditated on this for literally minutes and then I decided, fuck it I’ll just pretend.

What’s next? 

I’d like to do some sequels. I’ve got a script that I’ve written with Jim Sheridan called My Right Foot about what happened to Christy Brown later in life. And with Michael Mann I’ve been talking about a sequel to The Last of the Mohicans called That’s it! The Mohicans Have All Gone. No one seems that interested but it doesn’t matter I’ve got my shoe repair business here. And Florence is a nice city, or as Dante would say, A-Firenze it’s-a nice-a city-a, shudduppa your face!

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