HOLLYWOOD – The news that Ryan Gosling is to star in Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2 rocked the internet this week, but only the Studio Exec can reveal via a leaked email the details of Gosling’s role.

The following email was sent from Denis Villeneuve to Ryan Gosling cc-ing Ridley Scott and (accidentally)  me.

SUBJECT: Blade Runner 2?

From: Denis Villeneuve

To: Ryan Gosling

Hey Ryan,

First of all congratulations on Gangster Squad! What a film! It was like LA Confidential but without the tiresome need to think, or follow the story, or be particularly interested. And you made some brave choices. That squeaky high pitched voice you put on. At first I was ‘What the f*ck?’ then I thought ‘no. It’s brilliant.’ I can’t tell you why it was brilliant but it reminded me of Elisha Cook. OK. Enough ass kissing, right? Blade Runner 2. Larry said I should fill you in more before you make your final decision. I think the money business is all clear. Your request to be paid in macrobiotic restaurants is fine but health and safety tell me the Mariachi band you requested in your trailer for the whole of the shoot might be a problem. I’m sure we can resolve it but there are some laws about human slavery that we might be infringing. But to the story that Harrison Ford has called ‘the best screenplay he’s ever read’.

The year is 2056. Los Angeles. Timmy Deckard is a young Blade Runner, a maverick who doesn’t play by the rules but gets results. (We wrote it the other way round at first, but although original it just didn’t make much sense.)  He gets a hard job. There’s an old renegade replicant living in the wastelands (West Hollywood as we now call it).This guy is building an army of escaped replicants and is planning on wiping out the Blade Runners and taking over the running of the city. Timmy has to hunt him down and retire him. But when he finds him, guess what? The old replicant turns out to be Rick Deckard, Timmy’s long lost father! Captured by the replicant army, Timmy’s dad tells him that Timmy was conceived when he and Rachel ran away. They were fugitive for years with their little replicant/human baby. But in a twist it turns out that Rachel wasn’t a replicant after all. She was just very emotional distant because she was played by Sean Young. Rick was the replicant. So she had Timmy and died soon after of plot convenience and contractual hassles. Now the hunted instead of the hunter, Timmy must decide whether to join forces with  his old man, or bury his past and finish the job.

What do you think Ryan? Screenplay is in the attachment.



SUBJECT: RE: Blade Runner 2

From: Ryan Gosling

To: Denis Villeneuve

Hi Denis,

The Mariachi band is a deal breaker.


 Blade Runner 2 will be released in 2016.


SYDNEY – Star of Gladiator and LA Confidential, Russell Crowe has been denied Australian citizenship twice, actor reveals.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Russell Crowe spoke of his pain at being rejected by the country he moved to from New Zealand when he was a child. And to add to his woe it has now emerged that officials in New Zealand are looking to withdraw his citizenship. A spokesperson for the New Zealand government told te Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

If he wants to be Australian so much good luck to him, but we’re not going to be know as the country for people who fail to apply to be Australian, so we will be revoking Mr. Crowe’s citizenship this week and asking for his passport back.

Crowe was staggered by the new move and threw several telephones out of the window to express his exasperation. There were even scenes down at the city hall when Mr. Crowe appeared before the officials of the immigration department bare chested and shouting, ‘Are you not entertained?’

A number of countries have offered the actor temporary citizenship including Japan and Russia. A petition started online to give Crowe US citizenship has gathered a staggering seventeen signatures, forcing the White House to respond that ‘Mr. Crowe would be a welcome addition to the nation’s immigrant community, especially because he can already do the accent.’

Russell Crowe will be released in 2016.