HOLLYWOOD – A spin off movie of the popular Game of Thrones character Hodor is to be made into a separate movie, HBO revealed today.

Everyone’s favorite mono-word character Hodor is to get his own spin off film HBO announced today. The movie will star Kristian Nair and is currently being written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in conjunction with George RR Martin.

The big friendly giant will have his own story which is set before they events that being season one of the television series but will not feature him as a youth.

George RR Martin took time out from not finishing the latest book to talk EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

We did think about making a version of the story where we would go back to when he was called Wyllis. I even toyed with a Different Strokes situation. He would always be getting into trouble with the Starks and Jon Snow. It was very funny, but ultimately we just realized there wasn’t enough story there and so we decided to go back to the idea of what makes Hodor great and that’s basically Hodor.

So what is the story?

I can give you a twist that I hope the guys don’t mind me telling. We were obviously worried that the main character just has one word for the whole film to repeat. That’s okay for TV where you have lots of other characters but we thought it might not be enough for the movie. So we came up with this idea that Hodor is only saying Hodor whenever the Starks are in earshot. Aside from that he speaks normally with a slight Oxford accent. This is really funny. It gets him out of so much trouble. The only problem is Kristian is having real difficulty learning his lines. So there’s a chance we might just go back to him saying Hodor all the time. David Mamet did a first draft for us two years ago so we’d just go back to that one.

Hodor: The Motion Picture will be released in 2018.

 Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.