HOLLYWOOD – Daniel Craig stars in new Ken Loach movie, based on a script written by the James Bond actor.

Ken Loach has signed on to direct a new movie based on the life of James Bond 007 actor Daniel Craig. The Land and Freedom director spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

First I was going to retire after I, Daniel Blake, but then Dan came up to me after a screening and it turned out he loved the film and he had a project. He said ‘The film is about someone called Daniel. And I’m called Daniel.’ Then he started laughing for five minutes. He didn’t stop. It got a bit worrying. The next week I got a script through the door. It was anonymous but I suspected it was the work of Daniel Craig.

How come?

Well, the title. I, Daniel Craig. And it’s also about this actor who becomes James Bond and then hates it and has to fight against it. I saw it immediately as a metaphor for Brexit Britain.


A metaphor. Brexit Britain. Craig wants to leave James Bond, but frankly it’s a really bad idea and he’s going to regret it for years and years. He won’t have any money at all. There’s a wonderful scene where he’s forced to go to a food bank while shooting Cowboys and Aliens.

I, Daniel Craig will be released in 2019.

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HOLLYWOOD – From the makers of V/H/S, comes a film of unmentionable horror: Betamax.

Bloody Disgusting and Magnet Releases announced today that a follow-up to V/H/S: Viral is already in production. As with V/H/S and V/H/S 2Betamax will be an anthology film, featuring the work of seven different directors. However, in a departure from the previous films, the directors will all come from non-horror backgrounds.

Tom Hooper is noted for his prestigious productions of The King’s Speech and Les Miserables. But is now one of the biggest talents involved in the project.

He spoke exclusively with the Studio Exec this morning:

I have never been a particular fan of the horror genre – although some have told me that the idea of Russell Crowe singing still keeps them awake at night, ha ha! But no, I’m not a fan of horror, but I did like the idea that I should try my hand at something new. And there was money.

Joining Tom Hooper is joined by Shakespeare in Love director John Madden, as well as esteemed social realists Mike Leigh and Ken Loach.

Madden said:

Firstly, we should be the more refined and ultimately superior quality version of what the earlier films were doing in a more grungy way. Plus the chances are that just like the real Betamax, no one will actually see this film.

The Dardennes Brothers declined as they wish to go forward with a rival project: Laser Disc.

Betamax will be released in 2018, but only in Betamax format.


NEW YORK – Ken Loach will direct Sex and the City 3.

Ken Loach takes over from Brett Ratner who producers had deemed ‘overly intellectual’. The English director interrupted a world tour of boycotting film festivals that don’t endorse the immediate abolition of Israel, in order to start working on Sex and the City 3 straight away.

‘I used to watch the TV series religiously,’ said old Land and Freedom. ‘By which I mean on Sundays.’

The Raining Stones director continued:

I believe that in its original format it represented one of the most incisive indictments of free market capitalism and the vacuous deficiencies of consumerism. Carrie and Samantha represent the proletariat in a state of extreme false consciousness. Truly gripping.

Sarah Jessica Parker said that she had been having long discussion with Kenny for years. ‘He’d phone and we’d bitch about cellulite and joke about oral sex. Believe me he’s a perfect fit.’

Many friends of the director see this as a personal triumph. The director, who is in his seventies, suffers from Ponderous Disease, a condition which causes the patient’s fingers to get stuck to his/her chin. 

The news comes as hopes for the film were collapsing. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon will return as will Chris North. 

Sex and the City 3: the Collapse of Capitalism will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – The new Ken Loach movie I, Daniel Blake criticized for lack of car chases.

It might have won the Palme d’Or at Canne this year, but the new Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake has come under fire for its lack of car chases. English film critic Barrymore Barrymore took the film to task in a review published in The Daily Mail:

It’s all very well showing the shortcomings of the social welfare system, etc. the plight of the working class etc. the hardship of a single parent family etc. but there are so few car chases that it’s almost embarrassing. How is the British film industry supposed to compete with the US and the Fast and Furious series, when our filmmakers can only make movies about bald men looking for work.

Loach has been criticized in the past about the lack of exciting car chases in his movies and the fact that his films almost never have space ships. Barrymore Barrymore goes on to say:

No spaceships, no space stations, no death rays, no laser guns. There’s no mention of the Force and we don’t even get a glimpse of Chewbacca. Come on Ken! Try again.

Ken Loach apologized and promised to try harder with his next film.

I, Daniel Blake is in theaters this month.


HOLLYWOOD – Following the success of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Gary Marshall begins filming on his most ambitious project yet Tax Day.

Gary Marshall has become synonimous with the kind of feel good movie featuring a large starry ensemble based on a national day of celebration. New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more recently Mother’s Day have all been universally praised for their depth, their good humor and the way it keeps Julia Robert’s kitchen well stocked in the high quality breakfast cereal to which she has grown accustomed. Now he’s back with Tax Day and Marshall turned up to the Studio Exec bungalow this morning armed with the biggest cake you’ve ever seen. (And we know you’ve spent your lives looking at really big cakes):

I’m always looking for a challenge. People sometimes accuse me quite unfairly of being a commercial director who is looking for just big commercial films to plop in a bunch of soon to be B-listers, but that isn’t fair or true. I’m always looking for social realism.I feel very much like Ken Loach or the Dardennes brothers. So for this film I’m going to show what it’s like on April the 18th. The day a group of disparate characters have to submit their tax forms. Is love Tax deductible?

Who is starring in it?

Ever since I floated the project my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipe, Julia Roberts, Cortney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Gabriel Byrne all want to be involved. It’s going to be a feel good movie about filling in tax forms.

Filming is due to begin on location in Panama this week.

Tax Day will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – All major new channels have been accused of faking Black Friday footage of shoppers going crazy and fighting with each other in what is being called ‘a planned conspiracy to make the human race feel miserable about itself and buy more stuff’.

ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and other outlets apparently filmed the Black Friday footage in June using actors from the AMC series The Walking Dead as well as CGI to increase the numbers.

Media analyst Bethany Stokes told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

If you look at the footage you will see the same faces as we saw in the last few episodes of The Walking Dead. Some of them still have the zombie make up on. We know that this never actually happened because no one has actually met anyone who was involved. The only examples of this happening have been copycats, who saw the footage and believed that they needed to behave in this way as well. This is learned behavior. And then the media will film that footage as well and interweave the two.

But to what purpose? Why would these media outlets do such a thing?

People are generally happy. They realise they are lucky to be alive and to be relatively wealthy. Most people have everything they need. So the media needs to persuade people to go out and shop but not just shop; shop as if it is a part of The Hunger Games. When buying a television becomes imbued with survivalist fervor just because you save some dollars you might be more inclined to do so, even though you ahve a perfectly good television that you only bought last year at home. Plus people who are not going to be moved to copy the behavior – liberals, moralists and the like -will become so depressed they will rush out and buy Ken Loach DVDs and Noam Chomsky books to cheer themselves up. Either way the cash register is working overtime.

ABC, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News were unavailable for comment.   


BOLTON – British film directors Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Shane Meadows, Andrea Arnold and Clio Barnard have been accused of causing poverty on a massive scale in Great Britain.

According to a new study by the University of East Anglia, the poorest members of British society are most troubled not by drug addiction, treatable disease, malnutrition or suicide, but by social realistic cinema. Prof. Cathy Newton explained:

It all began int he 1960s when a young BBC filmmaker called Ken Loach began his career and chose to tell the stories of marginalized poverty stricken members of society. He was soon joined by the likes of Mike Leigh, Shane Meadows et al. What people don’t realise is that Loach and his cronies would often cause the misery he was proposing to ‘document’, and often killed hundreds of poor people to make just one ten minute sequence. And I’m afraid the practice has become more extreme as the years have gone on.

Shane Meadows – the director of This is England – recently told French cultural magazine Chapeau:

If I turn up at a housing estate and everyone is happy, I call my gang of thugs and they come and break the windows, punch the women and spray the place with dog doings, because that is my milieu!

Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank was a celebrated view of Broken Britain, but the director was accused of dragging poor people behind cars for sixteen miles so that they looked appropriately miserable. ‘They don’t feel it, the way we do,’ commented the director, laughing her head off. Most recently, The Selfish Giant tells the story of two working class boys stealing scrap metal. Clio Barnard the director gleefully admitted to smacking the child actors in the face with a copy of Das Kapital until they were both left utterly unaware that they had actually been educated in Eton.

Ken Loach’s new film Sex and the City 3 will be released in 2016. 


NUNEATON – Ken Loach, the veteran British filmmaker, is a character surrounded by enigma and mystery. What are his politics? No one knows.

What does he think about the Israeli/Palestinian question? You’ve got me. When’s Sex and the City 3 coming out? Who can say? Well actually, the Studio Exec FACT SQUAD can! So here are 5 FACTS to rain like Kes stones upon your Land and Freedom.

1. Ken Loach began his career in British television where he made a name for himself creating and directing the shocking social realism of Bagpus. A drama that stunned British viewers with its explicit depiction of a young girl seeking advice from stuffed cat and a factory full of slave mice workers

 2. Ken’s first film was the hugely successful film Kes, but according to novelist and screenwriter Barry Hines the film was almost ruined by Loach’s experimental approach. Hines told the Radio Times: “Ken was convinced that Colin Welland should play the kestrel. I disagreed, Colin disagreed, but Ken insisted. It was only on the first day of filming when Colin – dressed in a feather suit – perched gingerly on David Bradley’s arm, that Ken took one look through the viewfinder and realized it wasn’t going to work.”

 3. Loach has always maintained that most of his films including Riff Raff and Raining Stones have been inspired by his deep hatred of the Working Class. ‘They are stupid, smelly and all they ever do is watch X Factor,’ he recently remarked. (Click Here for a full interview).

 4. Although a vocal critic of the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, what many people don’t know is that Ken Loach once played in goal for Israeli national football team. It is believed that Loach’s hostility to Israel only began when he was dropped from the team on discovery that he was actually born in Nuneaton and had British citizenship.

 5. Although speculation is rife that his next feature film Jimmy’s Hall may well be his last, Loach has in fact already film Sex and the City 3 (Click Here for more), but the studio is holding it up because of ‘tonal inconsistencies and an ambivalence towards the benefits of free market capitalism’, whatever that means.

 For more FACTS click here.


LONDON – Ken Loach arrives in the dining room of the Ritz, London, surrounded by his massive entourage: security guards, PAs, hair consultants, spectacle polishers and Socialist Worker newspaper vendors.

He’s talking on his iPhone with Bruce Willis while waving his minders to push away the delegation from Venezuela. ‘Ciao, ciao, Brucie, M’Wah!’ he says as he plumps down into the chintzy armchair reserved especially for him and gives me a jaded look over. ‘I suppose you’ll do.’

So Ken, could I just ask…

I say, call me Mr. Loach old boy! One doesn’t do informality. One would think we were at Claridges! The very idea!

I’m sorry Mr. Loach.

Think nought of it, old fellow. Garcon! Garcon! Yes, quails eggs and caviar. Pronto.

So, Mr. Loach how do you feel about being awarded the Golden Bear Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Berlin Film Festival. 

Delighted, obviously. Delighted. T’is a gong and even at my age one feels very humble to be recognized. Plus the Jerries are about as far from those blasted Israelis as it’s possible to get. So there’s that!

You have made a career of making politically challenging films.

It all started when I was passed over for Dr. No and that talentless hack Terrence Young got the gig. I thought it’s the bloody Carry On films all over again. I had been slated to direct Carry On Nurse but that tart Gerald Thomas slipped in. After that Dilys Powell said ‘Do political’. I said ‘Dilys dear, I don’t my Whigs from me Harold Wilson’, but I read a copy of the Morning Star and quicker than you can say Trotsky I’d made Kes.   

And you never looked back.

I was always trying to get something else. I would have loved to have made Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or Sex and the City 2, but by the time my name had got about I was pigeonholed. All I could do was stuff about the grubby working class, workshy layabouts to a man. Sitting around drinking tea, and trying to diddle their betters out of their land and wealth.  

So you’re saying you don’t actually agree with the political point of the view that your films seem to subscribe to?

Karl [addressing one of his security team], Karl, pray, strike this hack roughly about the top of the head.


No, young man. I do not subscribe to the Bolshevik nonsense that some read into my films. My films, for me, represent a social comedy of the stupidity of the hapless lower orders. Raining Stones: idiot wants a dress for his daughter’s confirmation. The Wind that Shakes the Barley: bog thick Murphys knocking seven shades out of each other for who knows what. Land and Freedom: ditto but with Spaniards.

 Some have said that your next film might be your last.

Indeed, though if Sarah Jessica Parker wishes for me to help her with Sex and the City 3 I will be more than glad to proffer my services. 

Jimmy’s Hall will be released in 2014 and Sex and the City 3 in 2015.


NEW YORK – Socialite and ‘actress’ Sarah Jessica Parker has signed up for Lynne Ramsey’s The Bechdel Test

Based on the ‘Dykes to Watch Out For’ comic strip by Alison Bechdel, the film has been in development since the Eighties. One higher up at Warner Bros told the Studio Exec:

We’ve been trying to make a film that will at once highlight and redress the problem of the under representation of women in mainstream Hollywood cinema. I don’t know why it’s been so difficult getting this film off the ground, because pppffff… we really care about this and…. pfff I’m sorry and we want to do this because… pfff. we care. Sorry I have something in my throat. 

The rules of the Bechdel Test are simple. For a film to pass it must have at least two named female characters, they must talk to each other and the subject of their conversation must be something other than men. The test was recently destroyed by UK film blog Flickering Myth who published an article by Luke Owen that comprised of just three words: “Alien 3. Amazing!”

Sarah Jessica Parker seemed undeterred though:

Luke Owen’s an asshole. He set up the Bechdel test as this complete straw man so that he could knock it down and thus maintain his patriarchal hegemony bullshit. 

So where did you hear about the Bechdel test?

We were filming Sex and the City 3 with Ken Loach and he got to telling the girls all about female misrepresentation and, worst still, under representation and we all said you know what that’s bullshit. So I called my agent and we got on it.  

What will the film be about?

We’re going ironic. We have two unnamed female characters and they basically talk for two hours. And it’s all about men. You see what we’re doing?


And you know who we talk about?


That asshole Luke Owen from Flickering Myth. And we are not kind.

Sex and the City 3 is due out in 2015. 


NEW YORK – Film director and Oscars fanatic Woody Allen today ruled himself out of the running as director of Star Wars: Episode Seven.

‘I’m going to be too busy with my Batman film,’ said Allen. ‘I’m just, I mean it’s ludicrous. I … I …. I don’t believe it.’

The news came only minutes after the announcement that Zach Snyder will also not be in the mix. In fact, the number of high profile film directors who have been approached and have turned down the job, or feel the need to pre-emptively rule themselves out, grows with ever passing hour. Already J.J.J. Abrams, Guilermo del Toro, Christopher Nolan, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Sam Mendes, Kathryn Bigelow, Terrence Malick and Steven Spielberg have said they won’t be going to a galaxy far, far away. It’s beginning to look like the franchise is as popular a proposition as car-pooling with Ted Bundy.

Still on the fence are Ken Loach – although he is currently busy with Sex and the City 3: Keeping It Real – and Stanley Kubrick, who sources say is keen on the project, but who might have to decline due to the fact that the shooting schedule would clash with him being dead.

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