HOLLYWOOD: In the wake of the global runaway success of Top Gun: Maverick, another Tom Cruise legacy sequel has been announced. Cocktail II: Binge Drinker goes into production shortly. Cruise will reprise his role as barman, Brian Flannagan. Only in this movie, luck has not been on Brian’s side. We caught up with Cruise to discuss his latest challenge.

Tom, Thanks For Taking The Time To Speak With Us.


Can You Come Down Off The Couch, Please Tom. This Isn’t Oprah.

Sorry man. I’m just on a real high after making all the fucking money in the world. Now I finally know how James Cameron felt. I’m flying in the mother-fucking Thetan rocket, baby.

Tom. Please. Sit Down.

Ok, it’s cool, man. I’m sitting. Right, where were we?

You Were Going To Tell Us About Cocktail II: Binge Drinker?

Yeah, so the film continues to tell the story of barman supremo, Brian Flannagan. Only now, he’s down on his luck. Everyone he’s ever loved has left him. Jordan, who was played by Elisabeth Shue left him years ago.

So Elisabeth Isn’t In This Film?

No way, man. She’s really old now. We didn’t get Kelly McGillis in on Maverick and we aren’t going against my policy now. If the leading lady is the same age as me, she’s too fucking old. But anyway. Brian’s a real barfly these days. He’s one of those guys who just sits at the end of a bar, moaning about his kids who don’t want to see him. Think Jon Voight, but smells more of piss and booze. That’s me. I’ll tell ya, prep has been hard going. I’ve had to learn to drink a lot.

Where Did You Prepare For That?

In the UK, while we were shooting Mission Impossible 15, or whatever. Those fuckers can really drink over there. Have you seen Newcastle city center on a Saturday night? It’s like the last days of Rome, but everything smells of vomit and Doner Kebabs.

That Sounds Awful. Did You Join In?

Hell yeah. I can drink 9 pints of Newcastle Brown Ale without vomiting. I mean, they’re fucking nuts. No wonder they voted to leave the EU. They’re basically Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Those bastards have just pushed the big red self-destruct button. They’re just waiting for sweet oblivion. And that’s what the movie is like.

It Sounds Terrible.

Yeah? Well I got a billion dollars, so fuck you.

Tom Cruise Is Currently Appearing In Top Gun: Maverick


VIENNA – Acclaimed film director Michael Haneke is to remake the 80s rape drama The Accused.

The 1988 drama The Accused starred Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis as a rape victim and her lawyer, revealing that the justice system was skewed in the favor of rapists rather than their accusers. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement, Funny Games and The White Ribbon director, Michael Haneke has decided to remake Jonathan Kaplan’s movie.

He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

It is a movie that has interested me for a long time. I always told my producers if I was to ever remake an American movie it would either be The Cannonball Run 2 or The Accused. michael haneke

Will this be a shot for shot remake like with Funny Games US?

No. In that case the film was mine and so the original was perfect and all I had to do was recreate it faithfully but in English and I knew it would be perfect. And it was. But The Accused has a lot wrong with it and I will need to perfect it with my frosty genius.

Your frosty…

Genius, yes. I’m not afraid of the word.

How have you changed it?

To begin with, in the original the title was supposed to be ironic. The victim is revealed to be the person who is ‘accused’ by the justice system and society at large. In my new film, this irony is removed. I want to focus on the men and how they have been persecuted and hounded, I delve into their lives and for the first time in the history of cinema, show things from the male point of view.

The Accused is in theatres in 2020.


In our continuing series of ‘47 Films to see before you’re murdered in your dreams‘, we look at Jim Mickle’s magnificent Stake Land.

In a world plagued by too many post-apocalyptic zombie movies, Jim Mickle’s Stake Land is a strikingly original, beautifully filmed genre piece. With Terrence Malick visuals and a keen satirical eye on contemporary America, the film tells the story of a young man Martin (Connor Paolo) who is rescued from the massacre of his family by the mysterious Mister (co-screenwriter Nick Damici), a man determined to fight back against the Vampire hordes and make his way to Canada to find refuge and peace, killing vamps and mad dog Christian fundamentalists on the way.
Mister trains Martin to be a fighter and stake the zombie/vamp hybrids, but as America has divided up into different mad groups – Aryan brotherhoods, Militia and Christian End of Days types – the real danger comes from those infected by ideology as much as by the rage virus. Along the way they meet up with an ex-soldier, a nun (a brilliant Kelly McGillis) and a pregnant folk singer as well as a band of psychopathic Christians who see in the world’s end eschatological justification for their own feral world view.
Without giving up on some basic genre jollies, a chase through a cornfield and some smartly directed action sequences, the film also has wit to never take itself too seriously, even as it demands a little bit more from its shop worn premise.

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HOLLYWOOD – Musician and Emily Dickinson scholar Robin Thicke is to write and perform a Broadway musical based on the 1988 Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis drama The Accused

Mr. Thicke commented:

Rape has given me so much over the last year or so, I thought it was time I gave something back.  

The original film earned Jodie Foster an Oscar as lead actress and was widely seen as a sensitive exploration of a sensitive topic rarely dealt with by Hollywood. However, the proposed musical has met with vehement opposition from women’s groups. The militant Women Against Thicke group have threatened picket lines and demonstrations. A WAT spokesperson said:

Robin Thicke is a moron and the last person who should be handling this story, and the idea of a musical also treats with too much levity what is an extremely serious issue. Our sisters in the band Pussy Riot have written a song called ‘F*cking Thicke’ which protests his commercialisation of sexual violence. 

However, Thicke counters that:

Those hairy faced feminists are stuck in the 1970s. I’ve single handedly brought Rape into the mainstream. I mean, the whole point of the story is does Sarah get raped really, or are there Blurred Lines?

But isn’t the point that she is brutally raped and there aren’t any ‘blurred lines’?

But then how am I going to get the song in?

The Accused: The Musical will debut in the Fall of 2014.