HOLLYWOOD – Oscar-winning actress, Kate Winslet, has become the latest celebrity to fall victim to internet hackers after a cache of graphic photographs were released online.

The NSFW images were uploaded onto the infamous forum 4Chan late last night and although it has not been confirmed, it is assumed they were all stolen from her iCloud account.

Miss Winslet is known for her willingness to disrobe if the role demands it and movie critic, Jep Jones, fears this will lead to an unsympathetic reaction from the public:

“She’s always getting her bangers out,” said Jones.

There are very few adults alive on this planet that haven’t see them. It’s estimated that over 500 million people have watched Titanic and that figure stretches into the billions when you count repeat viewing, so I don’t really seen the point of releasing these pictures because everyone has already seen the merchandise. I mean, what kind of tit starved freak is going to click on an article with the headline HACKERS RELEASE EXPLICIT IMAGES OF KATE WINSLET when nude pictures of her are freely available all over the internet?

Although the Studio Exec usually refrains from publishing salacious images, for the purposes of SEO and to boost our advertising revenue, we decided to abandon our principles. Enjoy.