LOS ANGELES- Justin Timberlake’s long awaited directorial debut is going to be a film version of Radiohead’s seminal 1997 concept album Ok Computer it was announced today at a press conference at the Los Angeles Hilton.

Timberlake says that he is inspired by such films as Ken Russell’s Tommy and Alan Parker’s Pink Flyod: The Wall but not Rob Marshall’s Chicago.

The pop star turned pop star told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I want to take inspiration from music that changed the era and to some extent summed up the era. And Radiohead have been instrumental at every stage of the creative process. As a first time director I feel particularly grateful to Thom Yorke for his guidance. Once you get through the abuse, there are actually some words of real wisdom immersed deep in the vitriol.

Plot details were few on the ground but Timberlake and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman said that the band would be characters, they would all live in the same house and they would go on holiday to Europe in a red double-decker bus. As for casting, the young director and star of Southland Tales said the band had all agreed to appear as themselves and astrophysicist and – in something of a scoop – Nobel prize winner  Stephen Hawking has also signed up for a cameo, although Timberlake refused to say if the role involved any singing.

Shooting is due to begin in April and finish in September, with a release date already set for Christmas Day, 2014.


HOLLYWOOD – Los Angeles Judge Deborah Fisherton said on Monday that she was inclined to dismiss the lawsuit against Warner Bros. for copyright infringement on its baseball comedy Trouble with the Curve because she ‘didn’t fancy watching the film’.

The Federal judge has now dismissed the case.

She further commented in a ten page memorandum:

Usually I like Clint Eastwood films, but this one just doesn’t grab me. You know, baseball comedy? I liked Money Ball but wasn’t that more the exception that proves the rule? And Justin Timberlake? I mean really?

The defendant’s cross motion RE similarity was granted and the plaintiff’s motion RE continuance was denied, and the plaintiff and defendants’ joint cross motion for similar discontinuance ruled inadmissible because it just simply doesn’t make any sense and perhaps they just got the words mixed up.

The ruling was greeted with joy by a Warner Bros. spokesperson, who was allowed under a little used penalty clause to hold the plaintiff’s arm and repeatedly flap it into the plaintiff’s face while shrieking ‘Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.’

Trouble with the Curve will have been wiped from the face of collective memory sometime in 2015.


HOLLYWOOD – We’ve had films based on novels and plays. And we’ve had films based on comic strips and video games. We’ve even had films based on board games, but a new source of film ideas has been discovered: food. With a whole rack of movies lined up Studio Exec – ‘the best movie resource site on the internet’ to quote IMDB – previews the pick of the crop.

  • Pop Tarts: Selena Gomez and Virginia Hudgens co-star with Justin Timberlake in the Harmony Korine scripted drama about fruity fillings and savoury snacks, which although sweet can still burn you with over hotness.
  • In and Out: A remake of the Kevin Kline gay comedy with Magnum (not the ice cream, but still…) will feature ‘much more eating hamburgers’ says star Jonah Hill, who laughingly said, ‘I’ll be choosing the salad’. 
  • Big Mac: Will star Liam Neeson as Mac and Rod Schneider as the Clown his enemy. When asked what attracted him to the project, Neeson pointed in the direction of Switzerland. 
  • Apple: Initially, when this film was slated, it was rumored that this was the long awaited Steve Jobs biopic starring John Goodman, but it turns out that Sally Fields will play Granny Smith and Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson will play Golden Delicious. 
All films are set to be released in 2013 and are to be directed by Steven Soderburgh.


Hollywood glamour couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, today revealed what songs featured on the soundtrack to their recent marriage in the luxurious Borgo Egnazia resort in Southern Italy.

The couple said they spent weeks selecting tunes that represent both the past, present and future of their relationship and they were so pleased with their selections that they have decided to release a compilation album, provisionally titled ‘Now that’s what I call Avarice’, which features the cream of those carefully hand picked tracks.

‘Now that’s what I call Avarice’
  1. Kill the Poor – The Dead Kennedys
  2. Money – Pink Floyd
  3. Money, Money Money – ABBA
  4. I’m too Sexy – Right said Fred
  5. Money in my Pocket – Dennis Brown
  6. Diamonds and Pearls – Price
  7. Free Money – Patti Smith
  8. Money Talks – AC/DC
  9. The Money Will Roll Right in – Nirvana
  10. Luxurious – Gwen Stefani
  11. Life’s been Good – Joe Walsh
  12. It’s all about the Benjamins – Puff Daddy
  13. Rich and getting Richer every day – Rebel MC
  14. Baby you’re a Rich Man – The Beatles
  15. It’s Money that Matters – Randy Newman
  16. For the Love of Money – The O’Jays
  17. Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band

The album is due to go on sale this Christmas priced $59.95.