LONDON – Plot details have emerged of the new and highly anticipated James Bond film Skyfall and Studio Exec can reveal exclusively that 007 does indeed buy a zoo.
In a secret screening given to Studio Exec we can now relate how the Sam Mendes film begins in a traditional enough fashion with a chase and 007 apparently receiving a fatal shot. But while M and the British Government have to deal with attacks from International Scientologist Javier Bardem, Daniel Craig as James Bond (007) goes to the countryside and accidentally buys a zoo.

There are heart-warming scenes in which the British agent learns about the real meaning of life via mucking about with hippopotami and laughing at giraffes and getting into all manner of mischief with a gang of red-assed monkeys, before having return to the secret service to save the world, but (and here’s Mendes’ stroke of genius) with the help of his new found animal friends.

The film is released worldwide in the next few weeks.