HONG KONG – The baby who co-starred with Chow Yun Fat speaks out for the first time about the making of John Woo classic Hard Boiled.

‘X-rated action,’ says Chow Yun Fat’s super-cop Tequila in the John Woo classic Hard Boiled, covering the eyes of Ling Mi his new born co-star. Now Ling Mi for the first time has spoken out about the making of the classic in an autobiography called ‘Little Piss Pants’. He writes:

A lot of people assume that I was about a few weeks old, a month tops, but alas, due to a strange degenerative disease, I was actually 27 when John Woo cast me in the role of Piss Pants. I was out of college and a little bit at a loss what to do with myself. At the stage Hong Kong’s film industry was thriving and I got a job as a focus puller. I worked on A Better Tomorrow and it was then that I became friends with Chow Yun Fat. We liked drinking and playing cards until late into the night. In fact, I was the one who was nicknamed Tequila for obvious reasons.

When Chow got the script to Hard Boiled and saw it was set in the latter half in a hospital, he had them write me in a role. And John Woo was happy to cast me because I would get around all sorts of union rules about using babies.

All of my scenes were action scenes and so it was very loud. Luckily I had Chow Yun Fat to play against. It helped we were friends but those sets were still dangerous. Even a squib going off or a gun firing blanks can injure you. The gun barrels get hot and there are bits and pieces flying everywhere. I realised quickly that I didn’t actually have much to do. It was Chow who literally carried me. So I’d get drunk. It helped with nerves. And it led to the famous scene where I pissed my diaper. That wasn’t in the script. When John saw what was happening he was furious. He shouted and yelled. But Chow had improvised and an iconic moment was born.

Little Piss Pants is available on Amazon and all good bookshops.



In our continuing series of 47 films to see before you are murdered in your dreams we present John Woo’s bullet ballet Hard Boiled.

The Killer is amazing. But perhaps Hard Boiled has it. I don’t know why and I might change my mind again, but watch both of them and Bullet in the Head and the Better Tomorrow films. Those are the films that make John Woo’s claim to film making glory. Of his US efforts, Hard Target is actually a semi-decent actioner. Broken Arrow has moments of wit. Face/Off adds Cage. But all of this is damning with feint praise compared to exhilerating lunacy of his Hong Kong period.

Hard Boiled stars Chow Yun-fat as Inspector “Tequila” Yuen, a clarinet playing toothpick chewing bad ass. Tony Leung is the unlikely named Alan, an undercover cop who’s been in too long with Johnny Wong, and his Triad pals. There’s a shoot out in a tea house, a shoot out in a warehouse and finally a shoot out in a hospital which just goes on and on, scaling every crazier heights of violence. None of it makes much sense and the occasional attempts at emotional depth have a cheesy quality to enjoy.

It’s the action you want. And that is exactly what is delivered. Chow Yun-fat is magnetic. And, as he says to a baby he rescues from the bullet strewn maternity war, ‘x-rated action’.

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HOLLYWOOD – John Travolta is one of the most popular stars of all time but what do we really know about him?

I’ve got FACTS they’re multiplying! And I’m losing control:

1. It’s hard to choose a stand out role in this fine actor’s long career: Tony Manero, Danny Zuko, Vincent Vega, Chili Palmer, Battlefield Earth dude or Robert Shapiro. However, John Travolta considers Broken Arrow his masterpiece. ‘I don’t know what it is about that movie,’ he said. ‘Everything seemed to go right. John Woo was a great director, Christian Slater was such a fresh young talent and I got to say the line, ” Would you please not shoot at the thermonuclear weapon?” which is the kind of line every actor dreams of saying.’

2. Not only can John Travolta can fly an airplane, he can do it with no hands. And when the plane takes off, he always likes ‘to pop a wheelie’ before soaring into the wide blue yonder.

3. When filming Grease it soon became apparent that John Travolta’s singing voice wasn’t strong enough. And so Billy Joel overdubbed all the songs and much of the speaking parts.

4. To research American Crime: The People v O.J. Simpson, John Travolta spent hours watching television and wearing clothes. The television program he watched was Friends because he wanted to feel close to Ross Kardashian.

5. Although there are many people who criticise Mr. Travolta’s adherence to the Church of Scientology, as a humorous website we applaud it and hope that it long may continue.

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HOLLYWOOD – The spin off TV show to Tom Cruise’s popular Mission: Impossible franchise came closer to reality today with the first picture of the assembled cast.

Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Barbara Bain and Leonard Nimoy are all confirmed to star in the new Mission: Impossible TV show, which producers are hoping will cash in on the success of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation. The show has been planned for many years, but has run into difficulties casting the team.

Executive producer Tom Cruise spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

The idea of the show was easy. The very structure of the films lends itself to an hour long episodic TV format. I mean it fits like a glove really. The only problem was getting the team together so to speak. First Martin Landau dropped out and then Lesley Ann Warren and Lynda Dey George were circling the same role, before Barbara finally said yes. We’ve got Lalo Schifrin to come up with a variation on the movie’s theme music. Let’s see what he comes up with.

The movie franchise began with the 1996 Brian DePalma directed action film starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt. ‘It was so original,’ says Cruise:

I said to Brian at the time, how the hell did you come up with such an original idea? And he just grinned, you know the way Brian does and so we left it at that. But it really launched the second half of my career and gave me freedom to do all those other projects.

The series has included entries directed by the likes of John Woo, JJ Abrams and Brad Bird. The pilot of the television show will be directed by Bruce Geller.

Mission: Impossible the TV series will be broadcast early in the Fall. 


HOLLYWOOD – Hong Kong action director John Woo has signed on to direct a film version of Downton Abbey in a surprise move that had some stupid idiots thinking it was just a hoax.

‘I am very excited to be given this opportunity,’ said Woo. ‘Downton Abbey is an important cultural phenomenon and I am particularly pleased to step away from my reputation of blood soaked gun ballet and spectacular action sequences of violence in order to do something more sedate and costumey.’
In his first interview since the news broke, Woo explained how he had gotten tired of being pigeon holed:
It’s always violence, violence, violence. I look to this prestigious ITV television series and I see a wonderful sense of time and nuance, history unfolding around real characters in a sleepy kind of way.
Do you plan any changes to the original?
Well, of course it does have to be more cinematic. What works on the small screen over the space of several episodes must be made to work on the big screen and with a two hour running time.
So what do you plan to change?
Well, to begin with I think all the characters should have two guns.
All of them?
The servants will have small Glocks and the Crawleys will all have something heavier. I think Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville), the Earl of Grantham, should have a gattling gun and Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern) should have a flame thrower. Then they’ll get into a fight because the servants want to take over the house. And they’ll jump sideways in the air flying two guns at the same time while things explode and a dove (representing the forlorn wish for peace) flaps out of a window in the background.
Julian Fellowes – the creator of the original series -said that he was delighted with John Woo and especially admired him for the way money kept appearing in his bank account.
Downton Abbey: Blood Massacre will be released in 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan have swapped faces due to a mix up in Botox injections at a high end Malibu aesthetical correctional facility, Doctor Ralph Inguanos’ Shack.

Soon after the kerfuffle, the two actresses were horrified to find themselves sitting opposite each other at a charity dinner, organised to buy George Clooney more motorcycles. The George Clooney ‘I haven’t got enough motorcycles’ Foundation had just sat down to anitpasti when there was a horrified shriek from the table where the two actresses were sitting.

Sir Ian McKellen – on a nearby table, a cracker half raised to his lips – sat transfixed in horror as he stared at the two women: ‘It was fucking bull shit man,’ recalls Sir Ian. ‘These two wonderful fresh faced women had just become a fucking John Travolta Nic Cage Sci Fi John Woo directed thriller travesty of their former selves. Face off, mothefucker!’

Anne Hathaway, who was also at the lunch, had to be taken to hospital suffering from excessive glee.

Ms. Kidman’s agent Hostel Macalvoy said that the two ladies had agreed to appear in each other’s movie until the effects could be reversed. ‘I already have calls for a Freaky Friday style rom com,’ said Hostel. ‘And let’s face it freakk is the new chic.’

When Harry Met Sally 2 is due for release in 2016.