HOLLYWOOD – John Krasinski has described the tone of the new movie version of The Office as ‘totally different in tone and scope’ to the popular comedy series.

Directed by Michael Bay, the long awaited movie spin off of the popular TV show The Office has stumped many viewers with its complete change in direction and tone. But star John Krasinski, who plays Jim in the show, popped into the Studio Exec office (I know) to calm fears and assure fans of the now defunct show:

As soon as Michael Bay comes on board you know that things are going to be different. We knew that we would have difficulty because already Steve Carrell had made it clear that he would not be returning to play Michael Stott. So no matter what we did, it would never be the same as the show. When we sat down with Michael to do a table read of the script, he just kept making machine gun noises with his mouth and like explosions. All his notes to the writers were things like ‘What if he threw a hand grenade?’ and ‘Where’s Pennsylvania?’

He didn’t like the original setting?

Right. And he also felt that the show needed to be more topical and he watches a lot of Fox, so he said ‘Hey what if Jim went to Libya?’ Once Jim goes to Libya and has a new job as a CIA operative then it’s a very small step to him being involved in the Benghazi embassy attack. And that who,le story line basically wrote itself. It had the bonus of allowing me to really broaden my range.

But it’s still as funny as the show, right?

Have you seen Four Lions? That’s what we’re hoping to get. This is very dry humor. The idea is we show things as extreme as we can, like a real right wing fantasy, but underneath it all is this hilarious dry humor. I mean it’s all ironic.

Are you sure?

I think it is. If you ask Michael, you might get a different answer. As you can tell from the lighter moments in the Transformers movies, Michael doesn’t really get comedy.

And the title change?

Yeah, right. Well, once we go the Benghazi route then I’m no longer in the office, so calling it The Office: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi was just not going to work. But it is still an Office movie. I mean at least I think it is. That’s what I tell myself when I wake up at three o clock in the morning, crying.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is on general release.


HOLLYWOOD – Following the critical success of FX’s hit show Fargo, more Coen Brothers spin offs are being lined up for the Fall season.

There are currently three Coen Brothers shows in pre-production:

  • Hudsucker will follow the fortunes of Norville Barnes (Zach Braff), a young inventor who’s placed in a position of power by the conniving executive of the Hudsucker company, Sidney J. Mussburger (John Lithgow). An insider says, ‘This will be a Mad Men style period drama but also keeping the screwball comedy of the original.’
  • The Dude sees the return of everyone’s favorite bowler Jeffrey (The Dude) Lebowksi, to be played by William Hurt. The Dude opens a PI office with old pal Walter Sobchak (Hugh Laurie) and each week will investigate crazy cases from a series of LA style off beats, while at the same time trying to progress into the regionals of the Bowling League. An insider tells us: ‘This will be Hart to Hart for the millennials.’
  • Raising Utah sees slacker couple John Krasinski and Ellen Page kidnap a baby and start an epic journey across America. Sam Mendes will direct. An FX executive promises ‘It won’t be very good.’

All shows are due to premier in the Fall.