HOLLYWOOD – Cinema legend Al Pacino will play Joe Paterno, the disgraced Penn State coach in nuanced, tasteful drama by Brian … oh fuck, by Brian de Palma? Seriously?

Provisionally entitled Touching the Boys, the team that brought you the touching tale of a Cuban immigrant’s struggle to find acceptance¬†in the US –¬†Scarface – are preparing a script based on the book by Joe Posnaski.

‘This is gonna be subtle,’ said de Palma. ‘I’ve worked with Al twice, Scarface and Carlito’s Way. We work together well and the subject is fascinating. Plus I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and this is going to give me an opportunity to do another homage to the shower scene in Psycho.’

Oliver Stone – who had written a draft of the script that was deemed ‘too subtle’ – was unimpressed at the prospect. ‘Brian’s a film maker who can’t resist self-reference. Everytime I got a draft of the script back from him he’d added the line “Say hello to my little friends”. Personally, I don’t tihnk that’s appropriate.’

No date has yet been set for filming.