HOLLYWOOD – One of the best post-apocalyptic Science Fiction films starring Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen ever made in 1989, Salute of the Jugger (AKA The Blood of Heroes) is to get a remake.

Bradley Cooper will play Sallow, the veteran player of The Game, leading his band of players through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, stopping briefly to play their violent game, known as The Game. Amy Adams is set to star as the plucky Kidda, a peasant girl who joins Sallow’s team, as they head for the Underground City where they will challenge the villainous League in open competition. David Webb Peoples – who wrote and directed the original – is on board as a producer and Rutger Hauer has agreed to a cameo. Whit Stillman has been tapped to direct and told the Studio Exec exclusively:

I’m used to doing more talky things with people talking, rich people generally, sometimes dislikeable, sometimes… You know, okay-ish. Whereas here I’m dealing with an apocalyptic wasteland where the only entertainment is a game where a one armed man must spike the skull of a dead dog and everyone else is breaking faces willy nilly. So I’m in my comfort zone.

Salute of the Jugger will be released in 2017.