HOLLYWOOD – Comedian Louis CK is to stage his comeback with a cutting edge show: Comedians Masturbating with Louis CK.

Louis CK saw a promising career disappear almost overnight as allegations of his sexual harassment of women came to light.  However, as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are both reportedly eyeing comebacks, CK obviously thinks his time has come. No pun int…. okay maybe I did mean it.

We spoke with him:

I got the idea from Jerry Seinfeld. He actually piloted the show after he thought the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee format was getting tired, but he went away to do Bee Movie instead.

What will the show be about?

Well, before I went away, I said that I wanted to dedicate some time to listening. This show will mainly be me listening to other comedians telling me that I should come back. And then we jerk off together.

Right. Wait. You what?

We jerk off. I get naked stand blocking the door way and just get down to it.

But isn’t that…

I ask first.

Yes, but that’s the…

And the beauty is it’ll be funny because it’s true.

Comedians Masturbating with Louis CK will be available from LouisCk.Net 




HOLLYWOOD – When Bill Cosby was invited on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee there wasn’t a shade of the controversy that has now surrounded the 78 year old comedian.

The episode was shot two years ago with Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld first driving around in a vintage mini-cooper before stopping for the titular coffee.

Seinfeld told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

The format was a natural for Bill. It’s loose, unscripted and plays into his strengths and so the first part of filming went very well indeed, as he told old stories and we just fooled around in my trademark freewheeling manner.

However, things changed dramatically when the comedians stopped for coffee at a local LA coffee shop.

First of all, Bill said go and get a chair by the window and I’ll bring the coffee over, which was strange. He’s an elderly man and it made more sense for me to bring the coffee over. Anyway, he brings over my coffee and we’re chatting some more but the coffee doesn’t taste right. By the way, this is a coffee shop I’ve been going to for years so I know exactly how the cappuccino tastes. So they had an off day, so what? I think. We go back to the car and the damnedest thing, I begin to feel all drowsy. Usually coffee perks me right up. But not that day. It got so I couldn’t even hold my eyes open and it was dangerous driving. I pulled over and Bill offered to loosen my clothing, but then I said something about the cameras. We had to abandon the day’s filming and because the episode was incomplete it never aired.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is available free on the web. 


NEW YORK – As Seinfeld returns to our screens (via Hulu) following a seven minute absence, the Studio Exec FACT team hung around with the surviving cast members to bring you some FACTS.

Here are the FACTS about Seinfeld:

1. Jerry Seinfeld is Jewish.

2. The slap bass used in the show’s musical stings and theme music was played by Chevy Chase.

3. George Constanza who plays Jason Alexander was based on show co-creator Larry David’s real life irritability.

4. Jerry Seinfeld has never been tempted to revive the popular sitcom, which ran from 1989 to 1998, preferring to spend his enormous talent on The Bee Movie and Masturbating in a Public Place with Comedians.

5. All of the ex-Seinfelders have been enormously successful in their post-Seinfeld careers. Julia Louise-Dreyfus is hilarious in Veep; Larry David has had a hit show with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Michael Richards… erm.

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In the fourth of our series Thinking Comedy, film comedian Jerry Seinfeld talks about the importance of ‘observation’.
People often say to me: what is the secret of your comedy Jerry? If you could put it in one word, what would it be? And I have to tell them, if I have to tell them in one word, that the word I would tell them with would be ‘Observation’.

That’s right. I do Observational Comedy. But what does that really mean?

Well, let me try and explain. You see what I do is I look at things around me, I ‘observe’ them if you will, and I try to notice things that are funny. Things that are comic.
Sounds easy, right? Not too hard? Unfortunately, there’s a catch.
You see there are lots of things which are funny that I can’t use. For instance the other day I was watching a Louis CK DVD. And I was cracking up and I could see loads of material. I opened my computer and began writing. I’d observed everything and so I was able to write it down almost word for word. Then my wife read it over my shoulder and said, ‘You can’t do that!’ And I realized, drat and darn it, I can’t. You see even though I’d observed it and even though it was funny, the funny things actually belonged to Louis, and, unless you’re Denis Leary, comedians don’t steal other comedians’ acts. It’s a law.
So there are limits.
Here’s another one. I was driving (and no I wasn’t in a car with another comedian getting coffee, ha ha, yeah, ’cause you thought… well  anyway…). Okay I was driving and a police officer pulled me over because one of my lights was faulty. And I noticed that the police man seemed really young. And I thought that’s funny. And started scribbling down ideas. But the problem here is that everyone notices after a certain age that the police seem young. It’s because we get old. So the thought is what we call a ‘cliche’ and unfortunately it’s useless as comedy.
However, we can now see how to make a decent piece of observational comedy. First, observe something. Then check it isn’t already a comedy film, or a stand up act, or a comedy song, or something comic. Then check it isn’t a cliche or a truism, or something everybody already knows. Then check it’s funny (perhaps the hardest part). Now you’re ready for your microphone, an adoring public and beach mansions in Malibu. Have you ever noticed how you’re never sure whether or not there’s milk in the house? Ha ha. Yeah? See? Okay, that’s all I’ve got.

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HOLLYWOOD – Following the success of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld is back with a new series Comedians in a Public Lavatory Having a Tug which will be available on the internet.

The star of Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld said:

It’s a logical extension of the earlier series. We still have the vintage car and I go and pick up Louis CK or Larry David and then we drive to a public convenience and we pleasure each other with our hands, while we chat about this and that.

What do you talk about? 

Oh, nothing really, but it is whimsically amusing. You know if you don’t have anything better to do.

Why the move …?

To acts of mutual sexual manipulation ending in a messy climax?


Again it just follows on from the earlier web series. There was always a kind of mutual masturbation going on there anyway. And now we’ve made it literal. We just rub one out. The one with Ricky Gervais is fantastic because he’s so prone to the giggles. We’re in the cubicle and I just make an offhand remark about George Michael and he doubled over laughing at – shall we say – an inconvenient moment.

Oh dear.

Quite. People aren’t expecting this from me – the writer of Bee Movie – but you know when you’re pleasuring and being pleasured by Howard Stern say and you can smell urine strongly, it gives you a new perspective on things. I’m pleased with it and if people like it, and if they don’t, well, we still had fun making it.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in a Public Lavatory Having a Tug will be released on the internet in the following weeks.