HOLLYWOOD – For years people have asked the question: what is the point of Cuba Gooding Jr?

Why is he famous? And what exactly is he for? The Studio Exec FACT SQUAD is on his tail and will shout ‘Show me the FACTS’! until he does.

1. Cuba Gooding Jr. was born in New York, not Havana, not even Miami, but New York. No where near Cuba. His name comes from his father who was called Cuba Gooding Sr. Cuba copied the name almost word for word but changed the last word from ‘Sr.’ to ‘Jr.’ and nobody knows why. 

2. His first work was as a break dancer for Lionel Richie at the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Olympic games. Other early jobs including body bopping on CNN’s cancelled early evening show ‘Body Popping the Headlines’.

3. Cuba won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire and during his acceptance speech caused controversy for claiming that dogs never looked up.

 4. More recently Cuba has preferred to work in the straight to DVD genre, claiming he is freer to express himself. 

5. Although a committed born again Christian, Cuba was never actually born again. This is a metaphor that is sometimes used in the evangelical community and does not mean what it misleadingly seems to, as the ‘born again Christian’ does not have to literally climb back through the vagina and into the womb only to be once more expelled.

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