HOLLYWOOD – Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronosfky have split after a year of dating, claiming ‘irreconcilable allegorical differences’.

The Hollywood romance between American Hustle actress Jennifer Lawrence and Mother! director Darren Aronofsky is over. Their whirlwind romance lasted little over a year but many people were already struggling to find a snappy abbreviation.  Chapeau editor Xavier Poulis told the Studio Exec:

We tried DarrLaw and Jenofsky but nothing really held. I liked Dajeoflawosky but no one could say it.

The reason for the split came out of a source close to the actress who prefers to remain anonymous.

It was never going to work. Darren would always say that their relationship was really a metaphor for the creation of the world. He was God and Jennifer was the physical Cosmos. His fans were like the brainy people in the world. And hers were people who consciously eat food from buckets. Jennifer on the other hand said that their relationship was actually an analogy of America in 2017.

In that it contained a lot of anger and confusion?

In that it was fucked.

Many fans expressed fear that the Mother! sequel currently in the works, with Lawrence due to star in and Aronofsky direct will still go ahead.

Mother!! will be released in 2019.


HOLLYWOOD – Darren Aronofsky is in talks to direct Mother 2! a sequel to his controversial film Mother!

Following showings at Venice and Toronto, Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! has been one of the most talked about films. It has garnered boos and an F from an unappreciative audience, despite the presence of big hitter Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. Aronofsky is however unfazed and is already in talks to follow up the sequel.

I want to go back to the house if you know what I mean. With Mother! I did something truly remarkable. I took an allegory for the creation of the universe and the effect of mankind on the natural world, mixed in some stuff about celebrity culture and put together a rocking good time. Obviously, I immediately wondered if I could do it again. After all, the film is about a cycle, so it wouldn’t be hard to go back to the beginning and start again.

So the story is…?

The story would start right at the end of where Mother! stops. Then it just goes on through, pretty much the same with some minor differences.  I could make this movie over and over for the rest of my career.

Wouldn’t that…?

The only problem I have is where to put the exclamation point.

I can give you a suggestion. 

You are hilarious SE!

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HOLLYWOOD – Lionsgate announce that there will now be a The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will be followed by a further film, tentatively titled The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 3.

Just as fans were preparing for the final installment of the Hunger Games franchise it has been decided to further divide the final book into another part – The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 3. Director Francis Lawrence dropped by the Studio Exec Bungalow to explain the studio’s thinking.

The signs for Mockingjay Part 2 are really good. We’re going to make a lot of money and get a lot of people going to see the film which is excellent. But the thing is as it stands this is the final film and so, once we’ve done it, then all of a sudden, no more money, no more movies. We realized if we cut the last thirty minutes of the new film and then add another hour of stuff we’ll have part three of Mockingjay and another smash hit release on our hands.

But what is the new material going to be based on?

When we did the first few films, we left out some stuff. We short changed page 19 of the first book. So this way we can go back and fill in all those gaps. Jennifer Lawrence filmed a lot of stuff we cut out as well. So, that can all go back in, bits where she started laughing or got the line wrong. We’re also getting a lot of material from the appendices.

The appendices?

Yeah, it’s what Peter Jackson told me to say. The appendices.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 3 will be released in December, 2022.


HOLLYWOOD – Christian Bale has begun filming the follow up to Knight of Cups, provisionally entitled Knight of Cups 2.

Terrence Malick’s new film Knight of Cups premiered last year at Berlin and has since being doing the rounds of the festivals. It has received a mixed reaction from critics with some praising Terrence Malick’s continued journey up his own ass and others being more critical. Christian Bale however has revealed that the reclusive filmmaker has already begun filming the follow up to the film and Bale himself returns as Rick, the LA based writer who wanders about a lot.

I can’t tell you too much. As you know, Terry is really strange when it comes to working. He tends to give you a script and then we throw it away and spend the whole time wandering around. We’ve been filming for five days and I’ve wandered around in an airport, on a beach and in a supermarket. The supermarket scene is very reminiscent of the scene in To the Wonder where Ben Affleck wanders about a supermarket. This might be Terry’s most self-referential film yet.


Yeah, there’s this scene where there a tree. And I asked Terry, is that a reference to the tree of life? and he shook his head but he was smiling at the same time. And then Rick underlines a quote in a book and he does it in red. A thin red line! You see?

So the story?

As I said that isn’t really clear, yet. We know that Rick has had a lot of issues with his father and his brother and a series of beautiful women. So he spends much of Knight of Cups 2 wandering around Los Angeles again and he meets up with some other women, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, basically any actress who hasn’t seen the first Knight of Cups.


I know. But Terry always wants to push it further, so the second half of the film Rick goes to Seattle and he wanders about there.

Why Seattle?

Well, he wanted to go to Vegas but he got on the wrong flight.

Knight of Cups 2 will be released in 2018.


JOY – REVIEW: Katniss Everdeen invents a mop.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss ‘Joy’ Everdeen. She lives in a Roald Dahl household with her mother in bed watching soap operas, her dad Robert de Niro in the basement with her ex-husband following his latest breakup, and her grandmother and daughter. Everyone is a bit rubbish and eccentric for about the first half hour to show us how wonderful Joy is. Everything in this film is manipulative and obvious and inept. Her name is Joy and her situation initially not so happy, so most of us pick up the irony but O. Russell has to have someone say ‘You’re name is Joy? well, you’re not very joyful today!’ on the only day she ever goes to work  in the movie! Joy invents a mop in one of those Newtonian moments of Eureka! and she scrawls an idea – imagine Mozart in Amadeus writing the Requiem but via the Hudsucker Proxy – in crayon. Her invention and her drive is everything and we’re supposed to root for her like this is some amazing thing – a miracle mop. It’s a f*cking mop. We’re meant to be bowled over by the ordinariness that the film maker is deigning to portray as if it were up there with the painting of the Sistine Chapel. When Joy gets her big break to sell her invention on QVC – a TV channel designed to separate the lonely, gullible and immobile from their money – it’s filmed as some kind of symphonic coming together of all that is good and right about America – capitalism, guts and verve! O. Russell films it like Oliver Stone would film the first Doors concert, with Bradley Cooper Svengali-ing from the sidelines. What most of us would dismiss as banal, trash, O. Russell wants us to reconsider from a perspective of empowerment and … I can’t be bothered. It’s a f*cking mop.

Despite selling hundreds of thousands of mops, her family are a bunch of dumb asses and Joy is none too savvy in the business line, always calling the lawyers a few days to late and reading the contract only after she’s signed it, so there’s a whole bunch of stuff about patents and problems with the suppliers which is exactly as boring as it sounds. Although O. Russell does give us a shot of her firing a gun so he can use it in the trailer (and for no other reason). O. Russell does this all the time. The effect is more important than the story and so he throws them at us. The tricksy narrative, the dream sequences, the loud characters that look like Whose Line is it Anyway contestants doing ‘Ordinary’, everything, anything to get away from the fact that this is an incredibly uninteresting story. And it’s inept. When Joy’s sister returns from California at the same time as a funeral (why?), at the same time that her father is expositioning Joy at the funeral that her sister is coming back from California and what she did there, her sister parks at the cemetery, takes her suitcase out of the car and carries the suitcase through the cemetery so we can remember (via the suitcase) that she’s been on a trip to California – with a suitcase. It’s the dumbest visual story telling ever. As Robert de Niro tells us what the suitcase is about. What the f*ck? It’s about a mop. Everything’s about a mop. And money. And who gives a shit.

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HOLLYWOOD – Free hats are to be given away at cinemas showing X-Men: Apocalypse, Bryan Singer revealed today.

X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer revealed that everyone who goes to see his new film X-Men: Apocalypse will be given a free hat. Bryan Singer was speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec following the release of the trailer for the new installment which will star James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac, Sophie Turner and Michael Fassbender as Magneto!

It is really hard for us right now. The Avengers are really out there kicking our asses and then there’s Star Wars and all the spin offs from that to contend with.  There are all these gimmicks as well. IMAX, 3D, IMAX 3D, so I was thinking how can I make the X-Men relevant once more? How can I make it so people want to come and see our movie and not some other movie? And the answer came to me in a dream. Give away free hats.

With every ticket?

Yes, absolutely with every ticket. Once you get your ticket, you get the free hat. I’ve designed them personally. They’ll be top hats and they’ll have writing across them. One will say ‘I went to see the X-Men: Apocalypse and Loved It’ and the other will say ‘The X-Men Rock (Not As Much As The Avengers, But Still)’. The idea is that people will go and see our film and when they come out wearing their hats, it’ll be advertising for our movie. Isn’t that wonderful?

And these are top hats?


Well, won’t they block the view? I mean if everyone gets a top hat and puts it on during the film, the people behind won’t be able to see.

The don’t have to… why would they…

You could have bowler hats.

We’ve already bought the top hats. We’ve already made them. Hundreds of thousands of top hats. Half of them saying ‘I went to see the X-Men: Apocalypse and Loved It’ and the other half saying ‘The X-Men Rock (Not As Much As The Avengers, But Still)’.

Didn’t that cost a lot of money?

Half our budget.

This is a really…

Shut up.

X-Men: Apocalypse will be released on May 26th, 2016.


THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2: SPOILER FREE REVIEW – As the Hunger Games franchise draws to its inevitable conclusion, read our SPOILER FREE review of the most eagerly anticipated film of late November.

Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen in the concluding episode of The Hunger Games – Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – but does the ending prove satisfactory? Will she overcome President Snow and the denizens of the Capital. Don’t find out in our EXCLUSIVE SPOILER FREE review:

There’s this girl.

And she’s got a bow and arrow.

In the future.

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HOLLYWOOD – American Sniper baby Jandapus Haiti is the breakout star of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Despite the fact Bradley Cooper picked up the Oscar nomination for his role as real life Navy Seal Chris Kyle, many agree that the true star of Clint Eastwood’s Iraq War drama American Sniper was actually Jandapus Haiti, the baby who stole America’s hearts and is now starring in the next installment of Paranormal Activity.

Jandapus Haiti only got the role in American Sniper at the last minute when the baby booked for the role got scarlet fever and had to go to hospital. Jandapus was luckily at hand taking part in a local voodoo ceremony – some say black magic but the difference is superficial – and was rushed to the set and into the waiting hands of Bradley Cooper, best known as Face from The A-Team.

Cooper described the scene to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

At first it freaked me out. Jandapus looks and feels like a fake baby, but he’s actually got that Benjamin Button thing, so he’s not only real, but really, in terms of lived experience, a very old man. He talks and everything. Sounds a bit like Tom Waits. He told some stories about when he was in Chile at the time of the Pinochet Coup… Man he did things, he did bad things. But you know, I’ve worked with Jennifer Lawrence on a number of occasions so I was ready for anything.

Details are sketchy about the nature of his role in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, but Jandapus said he was ‘looking forward to getting myself out there’:

When you look the way I look you’re going to get typecast. The American Sniper thing was a fluke. Usually I’m demon baby, or possessed child, or something more along those lines. Paranormal Activity will be a return to my typical genre but it is a much bigger stage now. I mean the things I did before were like private parties and such.

What do you knows about the story of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension?

To begin with the title was going to be Paranormal Activity: the Infancy, which perhaps also highlights what a central role my character plays, but then they changed it to the Ghost Dimension. I’ll be Gary, the youngest member of the Hunter family. Things are going all right, but apparently there’s a demon in the house and gets who gets possessed? You got it. The good thing is as I need to do a possessed demon voice, it gives me an excuse to start smoking cigarettes again. I’ve been restricting myself to cigars lately.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is currently in theaters.


HOLLYWOOD – Rumours are swirling on social media that Steven Spielberg is currently filming Jaws 19: Jaws in Space.

An anonymous source at London’s Pinewood Studios called our office and gave us an exclusive insight into this mysterious movie. Below is an edited transcript of that conversation.

Can you tell us who you are?

Er, no. Well you see I’m famous and if Spielberg finds out he’ll get all Munich on my ass. I’ll make up a name, er, Harrison Fjord.

Are you Scandinavian?

No, I’m Irish Catholic. Ah shit. I mean yes, sure, I’m from Finland.

So Harry, what can you tell us about Jaws in Space?

It’s going to be amazing. I’ve seen about 30 minutes of footage and it’s shaping up to be a masterpiece.

Can you reveal any plot details?

Sure. I play High Chief Martin Brody, the commander of the Amity colony on the Planet Quint 91753. We get a distress call from a nearby moon about a Great White Shark that swims through the universe devouring entire galaxies and it’s on a direct course for our planet.

Wow, so you have to fight him off?

Exactly. First this huge shark sends out smaller shark to attack cities and they all get destroyed. Only Amity remains and so we gather our forces and take the fight to him.

Amazing. How do you eventually kill it?

I’m not sure but I have seen the props department building a 500ft stick of dynamite so maybe that plays a part.

Sounds like it might. Is there anything else you can tell us?

Only that it’s going to be in 3D and Jennifer Lawrence is…ah Christ, Spielberg’s coming and he looks pissed. I’ve got to go.



HOLLYWOOD – We all know that Amy Schumer is a talented comic and actor and BFF of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, but what else do we need to know?

The Studio Exec FACT Squad took a small Fantastic Voyage style submarine to find out what is really “Inside Amy Schumer”:

  1. Amy Schumer was born on a small island of the West African coast. Here her father performed experiments on the local animals in an attempt to make them more human. It was his actions and his grisly fate that led H.G. Wells to write “The Island of Doctor Schumer”. When Wells arrived back in his own time, the publisher insisted he change the name to “something more Frenchy”.
  2. Amy Schumer’s big break arrived on the comedy central quiz/reality show ‘Who’s Nuts?’, a contest in which comedians acting crazy are mixed with actually psychotics and a panel of experts have to try and tell the difference. Schumer’s schizophrenia finally paid off and she was on her way to the big time.
  3. Billy Joel is Amy Schumer’s grandfather and whenever Amy has a weekend free she likes to go to one of his concerts and dance on his piano, often bringing friends. This has enraged Billy Joel so much he’s written a song about it. His next single, entitled ‘I hope you break (your freakin’ neck)’.
  4. Trainwreck was inspired by an actual train wreck which took place in India and cost the lives of over fifty people. The script was originally going to be directed by Angelina Jolie Pitt but when Amy Schumer was cast it was decided to change the dialogue, the genre, the setting, the script and the story at which point Angelina Jolie Pitt left the project.
  5. Despite all the evidence to the contrary (click here), Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence sercretly hate each other, but this knowledge is buried in their deepest most secret being so even they don’t know it themselves.

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HOLLYWOOD – First we hear The X-Files is coming back and now David Duchovny has revealed that popular nineties erotic anthology show The Red Shoe Diaries are also coming back.

Of course everyone is excited about the return of Twin Peaks and some even more so about the imminent revisiting by Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) in “The X-Files”, but for some of us David Duchovny will always be the gate keeper to television erotica that was “The Red Shoe Diaries”. Running throughout the 90s and directed by Zalman King and Raphael Eisenman, the anthology show featured Duchovny in the role of Jack Winters, a man whose lover has committed suicide and who asks women to write in letters describing their knocking off experiences in a quest to understand the mystery that is woman.

The Californication star dropped by the Studio Exec hot tub to talk EXCLUSIVELY about what had got the creative juices flowing once more:

You know how it is, you get to a stage in your career and you simply don’t want new challenges. You want to go back to the old challenges and see if you can do them over and better. I was in Aquarius and that was quite good and Californication, but really I wanted to get back to the X-Files and once I was doing that I thought why don’t we do Jack Winters again. I’m really curious to find out, where is Jack today and what, in the age of internet pornography, is he doing with himself.

And what’s the answer?

He’s been spending a lot of time in his room and he’s lost weight! No, I’m only kidding you. The fact of the matter is the more we  allow a free run of our desires – 5 Shades of Grey etc. – the more mysterious the become and the more alienated we become from them. It’s the paradox of our time that we have all these freedoms and what do we fantasize about? Being tied up and told what to do. It’s as if capitalism had a direct through line to our id.

What everybody loved about the original – apart from the cinematography and music – were the high end cameos. Who have you got lined up for the new show?

Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis…


…are just a few of the actresses who have turned us down. But I’m hoping to pull some strings and maybe we can persuade Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid to make an appearance. Steve Buscemi is definitely in for the pilot. Which ironically is going to be about a pilot! Ha!

The Red Show Diaries will be broadcast early next year.


HOLLYWOOD – Best buddies Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer might go shopping next Tuesday, the Studio Exec has just learned.

The Lawrence/Schumer shopping trip has not been finalized by any means, but there was a flurry of text activity late last night that has Schumer/Lawrence watchers very excited. Professor Jade Tailor, head of the new Think Tank Lawrence Schumer Watch at the University of Chicago, had this to say:

This is a development certainly of the friendship. First there’s the boat trip. Then there are the gushing interviews about how they complete each other and now we hear they’re even planning on writing a film together. This is very exciting so it comes as no surprise that the two should also wish to bond with that most postmodern of activities the shopping spree.

At the moment indications are that the Hunger Games/Trainwreck shopping trip will take place in Los Angeles, probably in some of the more high end shops on Rodeo Drive, but their could be a ‘crazy jaunt’ to some of the thrift stores around West Hollywood. Although lunch is a distinct possibility and perhaps mid afternoon cocktails, there is a chance that the two will make do with coffee from a Starbucks or similar.

However, an insider from the Schumer camp told Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that the arrangements were still very tentative and not too much should be read into this.

Jen and Amy are super busy right now and so squeezing in any time at all will be something of a miracle. To get the two schedules to free up a morning is just like you know I mean wow. So what I’m saying is it might happen? But on the other hand it might not.

Meanwhile the markets in China seem to have steadied and though we cannot say that the two facts are explicitly linked, there has to be some kind of connection.

Hunger Games: Caught Fire will be released in December.


LOS ANGELES – Jason Reitman’s live read of Herbie Goes Bananas was a star-studded fest for fans of everyone’s favorite VW bug with Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence taking the leads.

For many Herbie Goes Bananas is the apotheosis of all the Herbie films, beating even 1968’s The Love Bug for the quality of its writing, physical comedy, madcap direction and subtle characterization.  In the live read, Michael Fassbender played Pete, Jennifer Lawrence played Melissa and Mark Hamill played Herbie, Captain Blythe and Aunt Louise. The biggest surprise of the night was Benedict Cumberbatch who played Pringle one of a trio of villains originally played by John Vernon. Quentin Tarantino voiced the other two villains Quinn and Shepherd.

Tarantino spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY about the live read:

This is a wonderful new way of discovering and rediscovering films. Herbie Goes Bananas was the fourth Herbie film and a work of delightful joie di vivre, perhaps one of the best live action film Disney made. And yet behind the slapstick humor and the apparently light tone, there is a scathing satire on South American dictatorships and specifically the Pinochet regime in Chile. Herbie’s silence stands for the repressed free press and the proletariat’s revolutionary potential.

Jason Reitman explained how the reading had offered up some surprises.

Pete in the original film is just a boy but Michael Fassbender obviously gave the performance of a grown man. And Mark Hamill’s voice work was exemplary. The enthusiasm which greeted the live reading was fantastic, much better than The Empire Strikes Back read which everyone agreed was a pile of dump.

Jason Reitman’s Live Read series continues with The Cat from Outer Space.


HOLLYWOOD – In his continuing effort to tinker with his back catalog, David O. Russell is this week to release a digitally recast version of The Fighter.

The new version of The Fighter will feature Robert deNiro, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence will play the part of Amy Adams, Robert deNiro that of Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper will take on the role of the brother which won Christian Bale a much deserved Oscar. As previously reported, David O. Russell has already produced a critically acclaimed digitally recast version of Three Kings, which caused the New Yorker’s Anthony Lane to write cogently:

It’s like watching a George Clooney film, but with Bradley Cooper in it.

However, O. Russell is getting some blow back, specifically from his old actors who feel they have been unfairly replaced. Christian Bale screamed hoarsely down the phone to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

 Oh yeah, well done! Recast me, get Bradley f*cking Cooper to play my part! You piece of sh*t. I’m a f*cking professional you f*cking nonce. I sh*t f*cks like you every f*cking day of the week. You globular arseh*le. And another thing don’t you *ucking dare th*nk about t*uching my fucking p*nts.

The Fighter Redux will be released this week.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.