HOLLYWOOD – The Ron Howard Salo remake is finally greenlit and is set to star Tom Hanks, Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor and Michael Cera. The Ron Howard Salo remake of the film based on the Marquis de Sade’s controversial story will be a family friendly version and set in Malibu. The Exec sat down with Ron Howard to discuss his latest project.

So, a Ron Howard Salo Remake? Where did that come from?

I’ve always been a fan of Pier Poalo Pasolini’s film. But it also frustrates me. I get the need for a bit of unpleasantness. But making those poor young people eat the you-know-what and have their thing-a-me-bobs pulled off was too much. And keep their clothes on for Christ-sakes. By filming those scenes he lost his PG-13 rating. Do you know how much money that demographic brings in? Shit loads, that’s how much. Paolo was a fool to himself.

How Will Your Version Be Different?

For a start, we’re filming in Malibu. It’s much easier to get A-listers to sign on if you’re filming some place nice and warm by a beach. We’re also taking the setting away from all the Nazi stuff. If we want those PG-13 dollars, we got to set it in a well-loved era. So it’ll be set in the 80s. Picture it, kids on their BMX bikes, fluorescent headbands, Cyndi Lauper on a ghetto blaster and lots of laughs. Instead of Nazi fascists, we got the school board. And they put some kids in detention and make them do hard, but funny and PG-13 friendly tasks. It’ll be a hoot. We’ll get the kids from Stranger Things. They seem popular. Let me write that down.

What About The Rest Of Your Cast?

The adult school board members will be led by Tom Hanks, obviously. Then we got Jason Bateman as the one who secretly sympathizes with the kids. Jeffrey Tambor will be the baddie. The kids will probably end up pushing him into a swimming pool, that’ll show him, hahahah! And finally we have Michael Cera as the leader of the kids.

Isn’t Michael Cera About 35 Now?

Yeah, but who cares. He’s a buddy of mine and has that confused, innocent shtick going on. He aint doing much these days and kids remember him from Super Bad, so win-win.

The Ron Howard Salo Remake Starts Shooting In Malibu Next Spring


HOLLYWOOD – With new hit comedy Tammy in theaters, the Bridesmaids and The Heat actress Melissa McCarthy is once more kicking up a storm…. of laughter that is. But what do we really know about her?

The Studio Exec sent the FACT squad to find out.

1. When she was a child, a teacher once told Melissa McCarthy that she should stop clowning around and concentrate on her studies. We are delighted to report that that teacher committed suicide shortly after seeing Tammy

2. Melissa McCarthy’s grandfather is Senator Joe McCarthy, famed communist witch-hunter. Melissa – no friend to the followers of Comrade Marx – often warns co-stars about the dangers of the comintern and spends her Sundays writing detailed denunciations of what she sees as Un-American activities. 

3. Although Melissa McCarthy’s famous scene in Bridesmaids will go down in history as the funniest toilet joke in the history of gross out humor, her co-stars were not laughing as Melissa – ever keen on bringing what she calls ‘the Real’ to the screen, dosed them all with en-emetic medicines prior to the shoot.    

4. Melissa McCarthy is  well known for extracting tribute from her co-stars. Sandra Bullock got away with giving her a hunk of hair, but Jason Bateman lost a toe in what one insider described as ‘the most frightening wrap party I’ve ever been to’. 

5. As well as being a comedian, Melissa is also a keen burglar. With her husband Ben Falcone, she has broken into over one hundred residences and many say the crime wave of any given town goes up whenever a McCarthy film is shooting location nearby. 

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HOLLYWOOD  – Holy Insipid, Batman! Michael Cera is joining Batman Vs. Superman to play the clown prince of crime himself: The Joker.

With the internet still reeling from the Studio Exec exclusive that Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg will be Lex Luthor (CLICK HERE for more), now we can confirm that Arrested Development and Scott Pilgrim ‘star’ Michael Cera is to take over from the defunct Heath Ledger as Batman’s arch-nemesis. Cera himself called to give us his first reaction:

Well, it’s rad if you don’t mind me cussing. I’m gonna play my xylophone during the interview if that’s okay? It’s got, I don’t know, a sweet tone. Jason Bateman just said do it.

 Jason Bateman told you to take the role?

No, he told me to play the xylophone. This one as a matter of fact.

Go ahead, so where were you when you got the call?

I was wearing a tweed waistcoat, that’s for sure, possibly a vintage Thundercats t-shirt, I wanna say? Maybe.Do you know how many jokes we got out of that one word in Arrested Development? 31. I counted ’em. Kept a note book, matter of fact.

Given how iconic the late Heath Ledger’s performance was in the seminal Dark Knight movie, do you feel any pressure taking on this role?

I love pop tarts, okay. And I once met Jack Nicholson who once played the role, right? And I said, do you think the Joker would like pop tarts? And do you know what he said to me.


He said get this f*cking kid out of here. So that was like ‘an answer’.

So you’re not nervous about taking it on?

No, I think I’ve got range. I mean did you see that film when I was like the nice guy and the nasty guy? Youth in Revolt?


No, no one did. That was a problem actually. But I got range. I can play this ukulele, okay? I am so multi-talented. I wrote this song about Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It’s called ‘I’m Gonna Break You in Two’.

The Man of Steel Vs. the Dark Knight Vs the Social network Vs Argo Vs Scott Pilgrim’s Ball Sack by the Pale Moonlight is currently filming in Detroit.  


 LOS ANGELES – Actor Jason Bateman left many Hollywood observers struck dumb today when he announced that he would be in another film to start shooting sometime, with a script by writers.

It will be directed by someone and everyone says they’re very excited at the prospect of doing stuff together. Bateman said that so far his acting career had consisted of some so-so stuff mixed in with the occasional display of virtuoso competence, but he felt assured that the new film would be a departure for him, because it would go somewhere else different from where his other films had hitherto gone.

With a release date somewhere around then already slated, sources close to Bateman said:

Phew, I mean yeah, right. We are STOKED about this-ish.

The official plot synopsis reads:

There’s this guy and he’s an ordinary Joe and everything’s going all right but he’s in a rut – you know – and then some stuff happens, and everything changes. And it’s hilarious and you’d be surprised how hard it is to get Paul Rudd. I mean, like really hard.

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Blow winds and crack your cheeks

Arrested Development and Identity Thief ‘star’ Jason Bateman has signed on to Ulrich Siedl’s four hour King Lear. ‘It’ll be a change of pace for me, some might even say a stretch, but I’m a really big fan of Shakespeare and books generally,’ said the Juno actor. ‘I admire Ulrich’s work and I think it will be a good combination.’

Ulrich Seidl has just finished his Paradise trilogy, the final section of which Paradise: Hope is currently in competition at the Berlin Film Festival. Although well known in art house circles, for mainstream audiences he is less recognisable. The Austrian film maker has been described as ‘Michael Haneke with jokes’, but that description came from fellow Austrian Michael Haneke. Seidl said of his new project:

King Lear is the most depressing of Shakespeare’s tragedies and it is something that I’ve wanted to handle for a long time. Jason is a perfect choice for the role, because in Shakespeare’s play Lear is actually the fool of the piece and Jason is an excellent fool. 

Filming begins in August and Jason Bateman has already begun to grow his beard.


Melissa McCarthy

Reba McEntire

Jason Bateman ‘comedy’ Identity Thief lands in theaters on February 8th and ironically, the film’s TV spots have left many confused regarding the identity of his co-star, which according to the trailer is Bridesmaids funny woman Melissa McCarthy. Today Universal Pictures PR puppet Ruben Headlore confirmed everyone’s suspicions and stated that yes, the role of Diana is indeed played by country star, Reba McEntire.

“We apologize for the mix up, we’re investigating how this happened to prevent any future incidents,” mumbled Headlore. “We have edited our trailers and TV spots with the correct casting credits and we will be rolling those out this week.”

We caught up with McEntire at TSC in North Hollywood: “I went to them boys an’ asked ’em ‘How can y’all let this mess happen?’ Now she’s tryin’ to say I’m stealin’ her goshdarn identity!” The Grammy award winning singer said this is the start of a ‘serious’ acting career. Her longest acting stint was on TV’s Reba which lasted six seasons. She’s mostly known for her big screen role in the 1990 film Tremors, and she revealed she will be returning for a reboot of the franchise. “They’re writin’ the script. Got Kevin Bacon on board … he figures he’ll have the time, everyone loves The Followin’ so if history is any indication FOX will cancel it pretty soon.” Michael Gross – being kept alive by Schwarzenegger and funded Skynet robotics – will reprise his role as Burt Gummer. There is currently no director attached to the project, the hope is the film is released by 2015.

We tried to get in contact with Melissa McCarthy for comment, we were told she was on a trip to Nashville.