HOLLYWOOD – David Bowie is known for some lurid costumes in his time, but his film role as Jareth in Labyrinth has gone down in Fraggle Rock Actor history as a particularly weird moment and today for the first time ever the Thin White Duke reveals his feelings to the Studio Exec in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

How did you get involved with the project?

The late great Jim Henson phoned me and said I have a role for you and it’s a bit out there you know, but what do you think? Well, I read the script and I thought, why not? It’ll be nice for the toddlers. You know. But when it came to filming I began to feel like a bit of a tool.

What do you mean?

Initially, I had been written as quite a straight forward villain. I really wanted to go against type and wear a suit. But Kajagoogoo had just had a hit so Jim dressed me up as Limahl. I was spitting feathers. I felt I’d been made to look ridiculous. I mean you only have to look at the trousers I was forced to wear. You have to remember I was trying to be taken seriously as an actor in this period and yet the eye liner and the Muppets that surrounded me just made me look like a gallivanting mumpty. Add to that the film was a complete turkey.

But now the film has something of cult following.

No, it’s complete bobbins. 

But it must make you feel…

No, it’s bobbins.

The character of Jareth even is…


This is ridic…


Labyrinth 2: Jareth’s Bobbins will be released in 2016.