Hollywood – The showbiz community was in shock this morning after Jared Leto was found dead in his hotel room at the tender age of 43.

Leto, who was preparing for his role as The Joker in The Suicide Squad was found by a maid this morning and the LAPD has already ruled out fowl play:

Mr Leto ordered 100 portions of Chicken Fries from Burger King last night and a bottle of champagne. It seems that he was so excited about Chicken Fries being back on the menu that he decided to celebrate. Unfortunately that celebration led to his tragic death.

According to a source, Leto spent was found naked on his bed with large quantities of Chicken Fries inserted into every orifice and a Burger King advert playing on a loop whilst recent twitter gossip suggests other paraphernalia was found at the scene including straws, napkins and several containers of BBQ sauce.

Whilst police seem convinced his death was an accident, Jack Nicholson has suggested that Leto has fallen victim to the curse of The Joker.

 I warned him to stick to good old potato fries but nobody listens to Jacky anymore.

We asked Burger King if they were considering removing Chicken Fries from their menu to which their spokesperson replied:

Are you f*cking kidding me! We’ve just signed a deal with DC comics and we’re giving away a plastic Joker figure with every meal. We’ve sold more units in the last three hours than we have in our history and we can’t slaughter the damn chickens fast enough!

The Suicide Squad is due for release in 2016