HOLLYWOOD – A man who went to see the new epic remake Ben-Hur said it wasn’t bad.

Despite performing poorly at the box office, the new Ben-Hur has won over some fan.

Jonathan Doe

Jonathan Doe spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY having seen the film this weekend:

I like it. I mean it was exciting the acting was fantastic. Of course, it has a lot to live up to with the old Charlton Heston version very much in your mind when you watch it. But there’s a fresh take on it and the young cast are really something. Especially the guy who plays Ben-Hur. Wow! He’s one to watch.

In the film Jack Huston plays Judah Ben-Hur, who loses everything after his adopted brother Messala (Toby Kebbell), now an officer in the Roman army, returns to Jerusalem and accuses the young prince of treason. Stripped of his title and separated from his wife (Nazanin Boniadi) and family, Ben-Hur must endure years of torment and slavery before he can redeem himself and face his enemy in a life or death chariot race. The film has performed poorly and been badly beaten by Sausage Party and Suicide Squad so the testimony of an ordinary viewer like Jonathan Doe will be prized by the film makers.

Ben-Hur is currently on release.



HOLLYWOOD – Animal rights groups were today protesting after it was revealed that twelve CGI horses were killed during the filming of the chariot race for the new Ben-Hur movie.

When the new trailer for Ben-Hur dropped earlier this week, many were impressed by the chariot race footage which featured, leading many to bin their old copies of the Charlton Heston version. However, new began to leak from the production that twelve CGI horses had been killed during the making of the fast paced sequence. One source close to the film told the Studio Exec:

It was terrible. Of course we had sequences with live actors and real horses but the most dangerous stuff was left to the CGI horses and it was here that the toll was enormous. I saw ten horses killed with my own eyes during the chariot race and I heard that two others were later deleted after they were found to be lame.

Timur Bekmambetov, the film’s director, responded brusquely to the accusations:

Listen, I’m making a film and I want it to be fantastic. I don’t care who gets hurt or what gets killed. The scene in the trailer with the guy strapped to the prow of the ship that rams the other ship – that CGI guy died every time we did a take and I insisted on fifteen takes. And you talk to me of horses? Pffffffttttoooo.

The CGI animal rights group – CGIARG – are calling on people to boycott the movie. CIARG recently came to prominence after they threw CGI blood on Leonardo DiCaprio at an Oscar after party to protest the treatment of CGI bears and horses in The Revenant.

Ben-Hur will be released in August, 2016.