HOLLYWOOD – New image of Ethan Hawke as Twitter boss Jack Dorsey in new biopic.

The internet stood mouth agape as producers released the first image of Ethan Hawke as Jack Dorsey in the upcoming biopic. Aaron Sorkin has written and is directing the film which tells the story of the Twitter CEO. From his humble beginnings as an ornithologist, Sorkin defended his decision to include many unsimulated scenes of Dorsey not having sex.

I know they’re hard to watch. But it’s the same as The Social Network. I mean he didn’t get much and he spent all his time thinking up code instead. It’s really quite moving. ethan hawke jack dorsey

Ethan Hawke enters the frame

Speaking about his star, Sorkin had this to say:

Ethan is an intense performer. He doesn’t just into the role, he goes right into the role. Right to the very bottom. I mean, yes he grew the beard, but it wasn’t just he grew it, it was how he grew it. With such intensity. We got him together with Dusty Hill from ZZ Top and they worked together for weeks on the beard. At one point I had to pull him back. I told him that the performance was not just in the beard, but he told me – and I remember it even now – ‘no, it is’.

According to sources within Twitter, Jack Dorsey is strongly considering cutting off his beard just to irritate the filmmakers. Others however claim it is no longer possible because – as frequently happens with long beard wearers – Jack Dorsey’s chin has been consumed to feed the endless lust of his herbage.

  Twit: The Jack Dorsey Story is out in 2023.