HOLLYWOOD – Vanessa Hudgens is in hot water again with an Instagram pic appearing to show that she has defaced the Mount Rushmore monument.

Authorities in South Dakota have stated that they wish to question the High School Musical and Grease Live star Vanessa Hudgens in regard to a photograph posted on Instagram revealed she seems to have vandalized the national monument.

The former Disney star has already  been in trouble this week after a Valentine’s Day Instagram she posted earlier seemed to show that she had carved a heart into the red rock of an Arizona national park, a park protected by law.

Hudgens told Studio Exec:

Me and Austin are going around the country leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. I mean, if you think about it, it’s hilarious. Last month whudgens vanessa hudgense went to the Statue of Liberty and I took a crap in her crown. It was fantastic.

Mr. Rushmore the owner of Mount Rushmore said that he was disgusted by the actions of Ms. Hudgens.

First she’s sending pics of herself with her dirty bits hanging out, then she’s defacing our cultural heritage. Where does it stop?

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush however applauded Hudgens for her patriotic fervor.

That little gal has moxie. She managed to plant her name and the name of her loved one right on the forehead of George Washington. Now that’s America.

Vanessa Hudgens will next be seen in court.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.