ATLANTA – People said Dennis Quaid was crazy when he poured his entire fortune into six top of the line eating establishments based on the theme of Joe Dante’s 1987 hit movie Innerspace. And they were right.

Diners have largely stayed away from the restaurants – each of which is designed to look like the inside of a human body. Quaid explained at the opening of the flagship restaurant in Atlanta last March:

Guests will arrive and be shrunk in the foyer by the maître-de. Then they’ll be injected into the body via the tear duct. In all our establishments there will then be offered a choice of dining experiences. You can enjoy a kebab in the lung lounge – No Smoking allowed – or perhaps you’d prefer a salad in the pancreas, a cheese smorgasbord in the foot rooms, or red meat lovers can have a juicy steak in the colon. 

Famed restaurant critic Xavier Poulis wrote in his review published in French culinary magazine Flaneur

M. Quaid disgusts me and will disgust all who have the misfortune to frequent one of his establishments, whether it is with the insipidity of his curry served in the lower intestine, or the Great Balls of Fire meat loaf, which is only served in the balls. 

However, Dennis Quaid was unrepentant:

Everyone complains but my brother Randy is here every night. And Marty Short can’t get enough of the place. He comes here so often I joked with him the other night, it’s almost as if you haven’t got anywhere better to be. He laughed so hard he ended up crying.

Brave would-be customers can sample dishes in the Innerspace restaurants now open in Tampa, Atlanta, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.