LONDON – Idris Elba has emerged as the bookmaker’s favourite to take on the coveted role of The Doctor in the next season of the BBC science fiction series, Doctor Who.

“It’s definitely Idris,” said a studio insider:

If it isn’t, there will be an outcry. He’s a black actor and the next Doctor has to be black, or a woman, otherwise the BBC will be heavily fined by the equalities commission.

Pictures of Elba wearing a scarf and eating Jelly Babies are already circulating on social media with fans reacting both positively and negatively to the news:

Idris can put his sonic screwdriver in my Tardis any day of the week.


I’m glad they’ve finally chosen a Doctor of African origin. However, Idris has a moustache and the Doctor cannot have a moustache!


It should have been a woman this time around. It can be a black guy next time and I really hope to see a Native American Doctor by 2036.


Elba and Chill?


I’d love to be his new ass-istant. Lolz


The Doctor is just one of many classic English roles Elba will be playing over the next few year including James Bond, Sharpe, Blackadder, Mr Darcy, Thomas Cromwell, Sherlock Holmes and Grant Mitchell from Eastenders.


LONDON – Twitter was in uproar this morning after Shaft writer, Dirk Goldberg, told a newspaper reporter that Idris Elba was ‘too Street’ to play Shaft.

“I know a lot of people are talking about Idris playing Shaft, but he’s just a little too Street for me.”, said Goldberg:

He’s not classically trained and his father worked in a car factory. Now if he was playing a rebellious slave or the owner of a chain of barbershops then he would be able to draw from his heritage and experience. Shaft is a nuanced character, a complicated man and no one understands him but his woman.

 Asked whom he had in mind to play the role, Goldberg was candid:

Ralph Fiennes. He’s a man of talent and breeding who would be able to understand what it was like to be a black private detective in Harlem during the 1970s.

As soon as the interview was published the twittersphere went into meltdown. Comedian Amy Schumer wrote ‘Bla, bla, Anal sex joke. OMG. Go and see Trainwreck #IdrisElba’ whereas Harry Styles simply posted a picture of himself buttering a slice of toast which got 5 million retweets.

Meanwhile Elba’s agent said his client was unavailable for comment as he is currently preparing to play Mr Darcy in a brand new BBC adaptation titled ‘Pride and Extreme Prejudice’.

Shaft is due to be released in 2018