HOLLYWOOD – Paul Giamatti is to retire from all managerial and agency activity in the music industry effective immediately.

Paul Giamatti has announced that he is retiring from the music industry and severing all ties with the business. He popped into the Studio Exec Studio to explain his decision:

I feel I’m getting a really bad rap. I’ve done my best by everyone but I don’t know what it is, I always seem to be on the wrong side of every argument. I mean it seems to start out okay. I find talent and I believe in it when no one else will but then all of a sudden, I’m the bad guy. I really don’t get it. Music has always been my first love but maybe I should simply stick to acting.

Aside from being a celebrated movie actor, Paul Giamatti has represented a series of musical acts propelling them to great success. Ultimately, however, his relationships always seem to sour with accusations of exploitation and manipulation frequently leveled at the gravelly voiced impresario.  Ice Cube said that although he has had run ins with Giamatti in the past when Giamatti discovered NWA, those wounds have healed.

I was angry with Paul for a long time. I felt he had basically moved me out of the group. He had a particular vision. But I recognised as well as I got older that we would ahve got nowhere without him. So when Ic ame to put together Straight Outta Compton I told everybody, we got to have Paul come in and play himself. We changed the name so it wouldn’t be jarring but I was overwhelmed by how well he did. He didn’t sugarcoat it or nothing.

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys was another musician who Giamatti has represented to controversial results.

Many feel that I was dominated by Paul, but I was also a very vulnerable person and in the end I do think he wanted what was best for me. Ultimately, he wanted what was best for Paul as well. And so…

Paul Giamatti has decided that he will be concentrating mostly on acting, but with more free time on his hands he is also eager to continue with another hobby: studying seismic activity.


HOLLYWOOD – According to Box Office figures Ride Along 2 is officially better than The Revenant and Star Wars The Force Awakens as of this week.

Looking at the first figures, it seems to be the case that Ride Along 2 is now better than either Star Wars The Force Awakens or The Revenant. The news, which had been predicted by analysts, left some movie goers perplexed but Box Office expert Joey Smole told The Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY that we must accept the facts:

Everybody knows that Hollywood is a business. Show business, sure enough, but a business nonetheless. Ride Along 2 is estimated to have taken $38 million by Monday and that will place it above both Star Wars and The Revenant and this will mean that it is the better movie. Next week might be different but for this week it’s the best movie and no film critic with his Harvard degree can contradict that.

But money isn’t every…

Shut your mouth.


Does Kevin Hart make me laugh? No. Can Ice Cube act? Not really. Was Ride Along 1 really deserving of a sequel? I wouldn’t have said so. Burt the money has spoken. And THAT is all the matters.

Does this mean there will be a Ride Along 3?


Ride Along 3 will be released in 2018.


HOLLYWOOD – The new extended version of hit movie Straight Outta Compton released today, features extended scenes of contract negotiations.

Director F. Gary Gray promised that his new director’s cut of Straight Outta Compton will feature over an hour’s extra footage of contract negotiation and detail legalese about the career of iconic rap group N.W.A. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec, Gary Gray, or the Negotiator as he prefers to be known, had this to say:

We put as much about the different contracts in the film as time would allow. Obviously people wanted to see the music being produced in the studio and performed live and we were very concerned about capturing the excitement of all that but we were also really interested in getting the sense of N.W.A as a legal entity and how the percentages were divided. Who got what? And what were the tax payments maybe at the end of the fiscal year? We also wanted to show clearly how Ice Cube’s solo career allowed him to diversify his investments and make some very interesting decisions with a new brokerage firm that he employed, none of which made the theatrical cut. Rachel Weisz, who plays the hedge fund manager, was super pissed.

 She was cut out of….

To the Wonder. I know. Paul Giamatti wasn’t crazy about the theatrical release of the film as well and I don’t blame him. Some of his best work was Jerry explaining the intricacies of the deal he had made with Eazy Z and the boys. And there’s a scene where he just shows Ice Cube (played by O’Shea Jackson Jr) a copy of the contract. We cut it down for running time and pace, but in the new version they read through the whole contract together and go over it clause by clause.

Wow. That actually changes the meaning of the story. 

Every film has to have a villain and Jerry became outs, but in reality those boys spent more time talking about tax deductibles and creative financial solutions than they did about hitting the pipe and popping caps in asses.

Straight Outta Compton: The IRS Edition will be available from all outlets and digital media from today.


HOLLYWOOD – News just in, Ice Cube is to star in a revamped all male reboot of the classic crime series Murder She Wrote.

N.W.A. rap star and Boyz in the Hood actor Ice Cube is to star in a new version of Murder She Wrote, it was revealed today. Ice Cube has been cast as Jessica Fletcher, everyone’s favorite crime solving detective/novelist, who was played in the original series by Angela Lansbury. Ice Cube popped over to the Studio Exec hot tub to talk EXCLUSIVELY about his new role:

I remember watching Murder She Wrote when I was growing up in Compton. There wasn’t a lot of lightness in my hood, but for sure there was a f*ck of a lot of murder so I felt it every time Jessica went somewhere and some shit went down and some asshole got smoked. I was like, this be real. Even when we were touring I’d have someone send me the cassettes so I could catch up on it. It was great. Also Jessica Fletcher is someone who is caught between two worlds. On the one hand she’s a writer, a creator and on the other she’s a detective, a participant. And I felt that reflected my career right down the line. I was always a reporter of the world I saw outside my door, but I couldn’t pretend I was not involved because I was.

So how much is going to change? 

Nothing. Not a Goddamned thing. It’s going to be me Ice Cube, but I’ll be playing Jessica and I love what Angela did with the role so I’m going to make sure that my own performance of Jessica is going to be like a tribute more than anything else.

You mean they’re not going to change the name?

Nope. That would be like making ET but instead of having an Alien just having someone from the next town over. The script they gave me there was a change in name and neighborhood and style and all that bullshit, but I said ‘Hell, no!’ and I got them to put all that shit back just exactly like it was.

Does that mean… you’re going to do it in a dress?

What motherf*cking century you living in son? Jessica wears pant suits most the Goddamned time. And so what if I might wear a dress from time to time as the season changes? What’s that got to do with anything? Are you gonna tell Ice Cube in a dress that Ice Cube can’t be in a dress?

Murder She Wrote will be broadcast in June 2016.