HOLLYWOOD – Benedict Cumberbatch flavor ice-cream proves an unsurprising hit with customers.

A spokesperson for Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream Corporation said that the ice-cream was ‘flying off the shelves and proving more popular than Half Baked and  Cherry Garcia’. Described as a a deeply sensual and metro-sexual ice-cream, the taste is most frequently compared to a mix between pipe tobacco and milky tea.

Not only did we have Benedict come in and advise us as we developed the flavor we also used samples of his hair and DNA to infuse the dessert with an intense Benedict-ness that we’ve come to know and love from Sherlock and such films as The Fifth Estate and The Imitation Game. It wasn’t easy to get and the first Cumberbatch we made we had to throw away.

One satisfied customer told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

It could taste of cow muck and I’d still buy it. I think he’s dreamy.

Stores are having difficulty keeping up with demand and riots have broken out in parts of the US where stocks have run low.

The new Benedict Cumberbatch ice-cream is only the first in a whole new range of Ben and Jerry flavors which are being rolled out this year, including the Michael Fassbender Banana split, Tom Hiddleston and Hazelnuts and Gerard Buttercream.

Ben and Jerry’s Benedict Cumberbatch ice-cream is available at all good stores.