HOLLYWOOD – The Oscars will feature another SNAFU on the Best Picture Oscar this year.

The nominations for the 90th edition of the Academy Awards are out. And already excitement is beginning to build, with many already laying odds on who the winner might be. But one thing is certain, whoever wins the Best Picture is going to almost certainly be the second name called. We spoke with a spokesperson for the Academy:

We had such fun last year with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. First of all we thought it was a huge mistake but we got more ratings and buzz for days and weeks afterwards than we had for any other edition. We live in a new world now and if the Oscars are going to survive it is going to have to become more and more viral. This kind of story runs and runs.

 So you’re going to intentionally give the wrong movie the Best Picture Oscar?

Exactly. We have talked about leaking it into other categories as well. Can you imagine how funny it will be when Denzel Washington gets up and starts his acceptance speech only to be interrupted and told that Daniel Day-Lewis has won it again. Hilarious.

It could upset some people.

We also thought of a new system where we announce two winners and make the decider a race to reach the podium. When Margot Robbie hears about that she’ll probably break Meryl Streep’s leg! Because of the I, Tonya, you see because…

Yeah I get it. I just don’t believe it. 

It’s adapt or die in the new social media landscape Exec. We had Ellen Degeneres doing a selfie some years back, but that stuff got old pretty fast. Now we’ve got to innovate. One idea was to burn Kevin Spacey in effigy on the stage, or even have a ‘purge’ on the red carpet. But we also want to keep the dignity of the academy going. So… this is what we’ve got.

The Oscars are broadcast March 4th, 8:00 PM ET, ABC.



HOLLYWOOD – Millie Bobby Brown is to hit the big screen as ice-skater Nancy Kerrigan in I, Nancy.

Remembered mainly as the ice-skater whose leg was broken allegedly by rival Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan is to get her own picture with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown taking the lead role. Billed by producers as a semi-sequel to the new film I, Tonya, I, Nancy will retell the story from Nancy’s perspective.

A source close to the production told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

It was a lot of fun making I, Tonya and we certainly got all these perspectives and voices. But the one voice missing was that of the victim herself. Nancy was not well served by the film. She was seen as not the victim of an assault but almost the butt of a cruel joke. This film will redress that balance and Rashomon-like will add another narrative layer to a complicated tale.

Millie Bobby Brown commented:

I have studied the story of Nancy for some time and now I’m looking forward to actually embodying her. I want to get her pain, but also her grit and determination. Remember she came back from that terrible injury. It’s going to be intense, but I fully intend to turn it up to… eleven!

Margot Robbie, who stars in I, Tonya, welcomed the news.

For years there haven’t been any films about figure ice skating and now we’re going to have two that’s great. Just in the same way they have universes for Batman and Marvel, maybe we can have an ice skating universe with all of these movies basically chapters of one big story.

I, Nancy will be released in 2020.