HOLLYWOOD – Doctor House actor Hugh Laurie is to play Judge Dredd in a new Netflix show based on the popular British comics character.

‘I am the Law!’ yelled Gregory House actor Hugh Laurie as he was presented as the new chin of Judge Dredd in a new Netflix show featuring the character. Season One of the show simply called Dredd will feature an older Dredd as shown in the latest adventures of the Mega-City One lawman.

Laurie spoke to the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I am absolutely flabbergasted at this opportunity. It is something I’ve dreamed of since I first began reading 2000 AD as a young man in England. Dredd is an iconic figure and I’m hoping to bring a slightly more mature vision to the character. I certainly feel I have his acerbic mordant wit off pat.

Dredd has appeared twice as a cinematic role, once played by Sylvester Stallone in the appalling Judge Dredd and Karl Urban in Alex Garland’s more successful Dredd. However, director Garland who will be involved with the Netflix show said that they wanted to try a different direction:

It was important to us that Dredd the TV show was different from the movies even if it exists in the same world as the movie we made. We also want some continuity with Danny Cannon’s Judge Dredd so we are getting Rob Schneider to come in to be Dredd’s comic relief again.

Dredd will be dropped sometime in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – In a remarkable coincidence the star of medical drama House, Hughe Laurie, it was revealed today, owns a house.

Hugh Laurie told stunned reporters that he had owned several houses throughout his career, but the latest one was a beautiful farmhouse in the Cotswolds, England. Although a well known face in England for over a decade, Hugh Laurie only became famous in the US for his portrayal of cantankerous medical genius Dr. Gregory House in the television series House.

Laurie watcher Jace Windu told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

Of course you can be disappointed that Hugh owns a house, but personally I just think it’s so Hugh. I mean this man is so talented. He can act in drama and he is a wonderful comedian and to add to that he is a truly special musician. So he owns a house? So what? Is that linguistic determinism? Is it hypocrisy? I don’t know. Should he rent? All I know is that he has given pleasure to millions of people and so if he wants to own a house why in the hell not?

However, the New York Times criticized Laurie for his property holdings.

Noted opinionista Paul Krugman writes in this morning’s newspaper:

Hugh Laurie is a man of many talents to be sure. But for him to have a house having become famous in this country for portraying someone called House sets a dangerous precedent. Next we’ll learn that the Dukes of Hazzard are actually aristocrats, or that Bryan Cranston has Broken Bad, or that Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke actually play musical chairs during breaks in filming. Laurie, for the sake of his fellow actors, should rent, preferably an apartment.

House: The Motion Picture will be released in 2017.


HOLLYWOOD – Following the critical success of FX’s hit show Fargo, more Coen Brothers spin offs are being lined up for the Fall season.

There are currently three Coen Brothers shows in pre-production:

  • Hudsucker will follow the fortunes of Norville Barnes (Zach Braff), a young inventor who’s placed in a position of power by the conniving executive of the Hudsucker company, Sidney J. Mussburger (John Lithgow). An insider says, ‘This will be a Mad Men style period drama but also keeping the screwball comedy of the original.’
  • The Dude sees the return of everyone’s favorite bowler Jeffrey (The Dude) Lebowksi, to be played by William Hurt. The Dude opens a PI office with old pal Walter Sobchak (Hugh Laurie) and each week will investigate crazy cases from a series of LA style off beats, while at the same time trying to progress into the regionals of the Bowling League. An insider tells us: ‘This will be Hart to Hart for the millennials.’
  • Raising Utah sees slacker couple John Krasinski and Ellen Page kidnap a baby and start an epic journey across America. Sam Mendes will direct. An FX executive promises ‘It won’t be very good.’

All shows are due to premier in the Fall.


HOLLYWOOD – Al Pacino is the new face of beauty product company L’Oréal. He will be appearing in a series of adverts in their famous ‘Because I’m worth it’ campaign. Previous luminaries include Patrick Dempsey, Gerard Butler and Hugh Laurie (?), as well as some girls.

Pacino said he was delighted to receive lots of money and not have to do much:

I’ve always loved the theater and making films is good as well, but I never truly saw myself as a model. It’s ridiculous. Who am I? I was never comfortable as a sex symbol. But now I’m stripping off for playboy and showing Mister Bojangles to the world. And now L’Oréal want to put my mush on their shampoo advert? Why the hell not!

How Much do you think your recent appearance in the HBO TV movie Phil Spector influenced the French cosmetic giant?

Oh without a doubt. And I have to say this is all David [Mamet]’s doing. When I turned up and he showed me the various wigs, I was like woah, David. What the fuck! But then he explained that Phil Spector’s dream was to one with the music and what is more one with the music than the microphone, ergo he wanted to become a microphone and that’s what the hair was for. And I was there, dumbass that I am, thinking it just made me look like a complete asshole.

For more on Al Pacino’s Playboy photo shoot  CLICK HERE.




NEW YORK – A whole series of American TV channels have been accused of kidnapping British drama school students when they are only children and transporting them to the States, where they are kept in cages and forced to adopt semi-convincing American accents, before appearing in gritty drama series.

Hugh Laurie was taken when he was only fourteen years old.

Many are too scared to speak out. And plus once the shows begin and the money starts to become quite good then they get used to the swimming pools and they don’t look back. It’s really the swimming pools that get you in the end. 

Idris Elba

Idris Elba and Dominic West were taken from the same school by David Simon and trained for three years before being released onto The Wire:

Neither one of us had ever been to Baltimore, nor for that matter the US. And there we were in the middle of a gripping and honest expose of the American drug war. Only two years earlier we had been playing cricket on the old village green, while our old mother (God Bless her) slapped the chickens.     

Damien Lewis was the latest to be kidnapped and brainwashed in scenes ironically reminiscent of the whiplash plot of his hit TV series Homeland. He joined Andrew Lincoln from the AMC show The Walking Dead in an attempted escape, but it was foiled when they realised the guns they were carrying only fired blanks and they were lured back to their respective shows with strategically placed buckets of money.


HOLLYWOOD – Having taken over the director’s chair of X-Men: Another Title, Bryan Singer has also moved into Matthew Vaughn’s Hollywood home. ‘He just turned up and started putting up his posters and unpacking his things,’ said Simon Garcia, Mr. Vaughn’s home help and handyman. ‘I thought he was the cable guy but later he told me he was the creator of House. I love that show.’
This is not the first time something like this has happened. Christopher McQuarrie recalls how Steven Soderburgh was originally slated to direct The Usual Suspects:

But on the first day of filming Bryan turns up a full half hour before Stevie Soderburgh and just starts giving orders and shooting. By the time, Soderburgh was on set we’d done five pages and the studio liked what it saw. Bryan was in. 

Hugh Laurie has also complained about Mr Singer’s free for all philosophy:

First day on House he came up to my dressing room and he started eating a sandwich I’d brought from home and I was saving for lunch. I naturally complained and he turned to me and said, “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own.” I thought he was joking but later that day he was wearing one of my shirts. 

Mr Singer was last seen driving away in your car.