HOLLYWOOD – A documentary released this month will reveal that internet guru and  marriage equality advocate George Takei earned money when he was younger by appearing in a television program called ‘Star Trek’.

The revelations from the film ‘To Be Takei’ came as a shock to his millions of fans who know the Radio and Web celebrity as a witty and uplifting presence via Facebook and Twitter. But Takei was quick to defend himself, telling the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

I was very young and I needed the money. I wanted to do straight drama. Of course, I did. Who didn’t? But when my agent told me that they were casting for the series ‘Star Trek’ I think it was called, I decided to go for it. Even the producers didn’t think it would run for more than one season and would quickly fade into obscurity. But apparently, probably via YouTube, these documentary film makers have managed to fish up some old episodes to embarrass me.

Takei is not the only celebrity to be caught out. Sixties pop stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy also made appearances in the show which followed the adventures of the crew of the USS Interpretation (or something) as they explored a hastily redressed studio or the desert near Los Angeles every week.

Takei says that he has no plans to watch the episodes:

The door is closed on that part of my life and I haven’t honestly even thought about it these past forty years or more.

 To Be Takei will be released in 2014.


  HOLLYWOOD – Let the ‘nothing I can say excuses what I did’ excusing commence!

In the blue corner, weighing in at 54 pounds, two inches – everyone’s favorite nice boy gone bad until Miley Cyrus cut her hair and now we’re all confused but anyway: he’s Canadian! Justin Bieber!
And in the red corner, weighing in at NO! I’m not going there, Jump Street 22 star and Wolf of Wall Street Oscar nominee, he’s not Canadian! At least, I don’t think… no he definitely isn’t. Jonah Hill!
And Justin is out first ducking and weaving throwing a few mild complaints about the pressure of celebrity. But here’s Jonah, some of his best friends are Gay! In fact he’s going to a Gay wedding tomorrow, of his best friend, who is totally cool, and that’s cool!
But Justin’s back. He was only eighteen when he made the comments: they’re hurtful, he says. He expresses remorse.
Jonah’s Kimmeling him to the ground. Claiming that no one should forgive him and should use him as an example for what not to do or be when someone responds to you with hate because there’s too much hate in the world, why (for the love of Pete!) can’t we just get along, black and white, gay and straight, Hos and Bitches?
Oh no. No, I think he got away with that.
Bieber is trying to claim his joke was more about racism than racist itself but it’s no good, Hill is running circles around him, he’s on Howard Stern, he’s gone viral. His voice is cracking. 

It’s CRACKING! It’s all over. 

Bieber’s deported and Hill is King of the Sorrys!