HOLLYWOOD – Vanessa Hudgens is in hot water again with an Instagram pic appearing to show that she has defaced the Mount Rushmore monument.

Authorities in South Dakota have stated that they wish to question the High School Musical and Grease Live star Vanessa Hudgens in regard to a photograph posted on Instagram revealed she seems to have vandalized the national monument.

The former Disney star has already  been in trouble this week after a Valentine’s Day Instagram she posted earlier seemed to show that she had carved a heart into the red rock of an Arizona national park, a park protected by law.

Hudgens told Studio Exec:

Me and Austin are going around the country leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. I mean, if you think about it, it’s hilarious. Last month whudgens vanessa hudgense went to the Statue of Liberty and I took a crap in her crown. It was fantastic.

Mr. Rushmore the owner of Mount Rushmore said that he was disgusted by the actions of Ms. Hudgens.

First she’s sending pics of herself with her dirty bits hanging out, then she’s defacing our cultural heritage. Where does it stop?

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush however applauded Hudgens for her patriotic fervor.

That little gal has moxie. She managed to plant her name and the name of her loved one right on the forehead of George Washington. Now that’s America.

Vanessa Hudgens will next be seen in court.

Image courtesy of @ThePixelFactor.


HOLLYWOOD – Following his success in broad Frat boy comedy Neighbors, Zac Efron is moving on to a more serious role, Harry Callaghan in a long awaited prequel to the Dirty Harry franchise first made iconic by Clint Eastwood.

Fresh from his moderate success with Jersey Boys, Eastwood will be taking a turn behind the camera and spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Studio Exec about the film:

During the first film which I starred in and Don Seigel directed in 1971, there was this joke that came up about Harry’s nickname. Why does everyone call you Dirty Harry? And he offers various reasons but we never really get the reason. That was the seed of this film, answering that question.

High School Musical and Parkland star, Efron said he was ‘very excited about the role’:

I’m playing Harry as he enters the police force. He’s just married and he is very idealistic. He’s a radical in some respects and has no time for the Vietnam War for instance. In some ways I pictured the film when I read the script as a reverse version of Serpico.

With a script by Seth Rogen and Ben Stiller, the new Dirty Harry film looks like the beginning of a new saga. ‘We’re hoping for at least a trilogy,’ said Efron.

Clean Harry will be released in 2015. 


HOLLYWOOD – Zac Efron hits the screens in Neighbors, but what do we really know about him? Here, courtesy of the Studio Exec FACT team, are the FACTS.

1. Before becoming an actor, the High School Musical star created the financial services, commodities and energy company Enron, the failure of which in 2001 presaged the credit crunch to come.2. Before setting up Enron, Zac Efron, at the age of 2, 1989 was instrumental in crashing the Exxon Valdez while drunk and causing the 54th biggest oil spill in world history. 

3.  Following the collapse of Enron, Zac Efron got a starring role in the Disney movie High School Musical, impressing the producers with his ability to sing, dance, act and handle complex financial instruments. ‘He was one of the first insiders to really understanding CDAs,’ says girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. ‘He was a top flight manager and a quant. But Enron took it all out of him.’

4. The character Troy Bolton was initially based on the Anglo-American poet T.S. Eliot, but the part was completely rewritten to fit Efron’s baritone voice and many of the parallels were lost on the largely pre-teen audience.

5.  Neighbors co-stars, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron hate each other in ‘real life’ mainly for reasons of political differences. Zac Efron is a fascist whereas Seth Rogen is a neo-fascist. 

For more 5 FACTS Click around about HERE.


HOLLYWOOD – This morning the world of show business was in shock after it was revealed that sometime on Saturday afternoon Zac Efron picked his nose.

The news came as a terrible blow to his millions of fans who looked up to the clean cut High School Musical star. The incident took place at a stop light in the vicinity of Venice Beach. Bystander  Sharon Shlitz was out walking her fourteen year old daughter. 

I recognized him from the TV adverts for Parkland you know. And I was just pointing him out to Charlene. And Charlene said, oh, because she isn’t very responsive to verbal stimulus. And as she turned to look I saw the finger go up into the nostril. I’d say way up to the second knuckle.

Other eye witnesses claimed that he also ate the product of the rummaging but this was later dismissed as fabrication. Psychologist Dr. Peter Bryant claimed: 

Nose picking – although a disgusting habit – is actually quite wide spread and a car is a death trap for the nose picker. You see sitting in the vantage point of the car, you have the illusion that you’re invisible, whereas in fact you are quite visible because of these transparent apertures that we doctors call ‘windows’.  

The Hollywood community was quick to condemn what it saw as a breach of an unwritten rule. Nicole Kidman –  Efron’s co-star in The Paperboy – went so far as to say: ‘To think I pissed on him. Does the boy not have a handkerchief?’ And President Obama tweeted what was merely a two word tweet which read: ‘Mother. F*cker.’
Whether Efron’s career can survive the hit is yet to be seen, but hopefully other young people will have learned from this example of a young man whose fingers went where fingers are not supposed to go.

Parkland is out in theatres nationwide.  


AT ANY PRICE: REVIEW – At Any Price might as well have been called Something Something Something. And yet despite titular blandness, the Zac Efron drama is an unusual but old fashioned melodrama.

The Efron continues his flight from High School Musical playing Dean Whipple, the young race car driver son of Henry Whipple (Dennis Quaid), a seeds salesman and farmer and hail fellow well met Lothario with a bad back.
Whipple is in the midst of a crisis, as the agri-corporation company he works for bears down on him for some dodgy deal he’s pulled and his extramarital seed distribution also looks to threaten his family. Ramin Bahrani’s film weirdly ditches its car racing sub plot halfway through – which looked to be giving the film its manly dynamism – to concentrate more on Quaid’s woes and their failing relationship. It makes the film as broken backed as poor Henry, but that’s better than it descending into the usual formulaic story of fast cars and success as an escape route. This gritty little drama is light years away from the justly pissed on The Paperboy (Click HERE for that review), and though it isn’t going to set off a lot of fireworks, there’s some quality and thoughtfulness here well worthy of attention.