HOLLYWOOD – Canadian crooner Michael Bublé returns to his box signaling the end of the Christmas Season.

Today, Michael Bublé goes back in his box where he will stay until mid-November. The Christmas Crooner from Canada hibernates for ten months of every year, only emerging with a Christmas album after Halloween. He feeds chiefly on trimmings and inflates to an enormous globular form. Once asleep, his body survives by feeding off its own fat while Harry Connick Jr plays soothingly in the background piped into the box through special tubes.

Veteran Bublé watcher Hammer Martin told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

There have been concerns about global warming disrupting Michael’s sleep patterns. He needs to have a good ten months otherwise his yuletide charm doesn’t work.

However, Bublé himself insists that his new album will not be simply a compilation of Christmas Favorites.

Jingle All the Silent Night will be released November, 2017.