HOLLYWOOD – Amy Adams – the versatile Hollywood actress of The Master, Man of Steel and American Hustle – came into the Studio Exec office to give us her top 5 external hard drives of 2016.

So Amy Adams! Hard Drives. Go!

1. The Buffalo Drive Station DDR: Amy Adams: “At 3 TB this drive has roomy capacity. Perfect for back up but also for storing all those whopping media files you might have illegally downloaded, you darn critters. It’s fast and super efficient. Though it can be a bit pricey, so you might want to ask yourself do I need all that space?” 

2. IoSafe Solo G3: Amy Adams: “Also providing 3 TB, the IoSafe is principally for back up. It’s a safe as houses Hard Drive with no frills.”  

3. LaCie 5Big Thunderbolt: Amy Adams: “Whereas the previous two gave you 3 TBs a piece, the Thunderbolt gives you a ginormous 20 TB, which basically means you can back up your own brain if you want to. However, be warned the price tag is as hefty as the memory capacity.” 

4. Toshiba Canvio: Amy Adams: “At the lower end of the market and very good value, we have the Toshiba. It only provides 1TB, but for most of us that is more than enough. Perfect for your personal computing needs, photos, media files etc.”

5. WD My Passport Ultra: Amy Adams: “This is the compromise buy. Those who want a little extra room but don’t want to pay the Ka-Boom!  I know for a fact this is what Paul Thomas Anderson uses to name but one of the many directors I’ve worked with.”

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