CANNES REVIEW – GREEN ROOM – Nazi skins, punk bands, pit bulls and a body in the Green Room, what is not to like?

Jeremy Saulnier returns after Blue Ruin with another color coded genre thriller, Green Room. A punk band The Ain’t Rights hungry for cash agree to a gig out in the back of nowhere and find themselves surrounded by White Power Nazi skinheads. They respond with a burst of the Dead Kennedys and an inspired if dangerous choice of song. Note to self: when in a Nazi night club and it looks like you can leave, never go back for your mobile phone. Chekov from Star Trek does and finds himself and the band – including Maybe from Arrested Development – trapped in the Green Room with a dead body and a handgun and outside the door, Captain Jean Luc Picard gathers his fellow skinheads together to do away with all witnesses. Pit bull killer dogs, box cutters and machetes are the weapons of choice and Saulnier keeps the whole thing tense, fun and funny and occasionally very gruesome.

This is a siege movie with a difference, entertaining and tightly played, like a good punk song.