HOLLYWOOD – Former Game of Thrones contestant Kit Harington is to star in Human Sacrifice Live to be broadcast during the Summer Solstice on Fox.

Live TV events have been the new discovery with first the Grease Live musical getting critical acclaim and solid ratings and then Tyler Perry’s faith-based extravanganza The Passion saw a huge neon cross tastefully dragged through New Orleans. The latest in the trend is another offer from Fox, which will be broadcast live throughout the Summer Solstice and will involve the first televised Human Sacrifice.

Kit Harington spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Studio Exec:

I’ve been wanting to do something live for a while, that’s what really drew me to the project. Lars Von Trier is producing it and there will musical numbers as well written by Billy Joel.

Of We Didn’t Start the Fire fame?

You nailed it.

What will the event consist of?

First I will be prepared, bathed in oils and ritually clensed. Then we’ll have a moment where I say Goodybe to my loved ones and friends. This is going to be very moving and they’ll give little interviews as well so the audience can get involved and give them advice and consolation. Then the Wicker Man will be built. It’s going to be huge, but I’m happy to say we’re only going to use wood from sustainable sources. This is going to be the first environmentally friendly human sacrifice in the history of humanity!

And then they immolate you?

No, first I have to sing my solo number ‘An Innocent Man’ then they burn me alive.

Aren’t you scared?

Well, the chorus is a bit outside of my range but I’ve been doing some vocal training so I think I should be okay.

No I mean of being publicly burnt to death in a huge wicker effigy?

I was in Pompeii. I know everything there is to know about dying in public.

Human Sacrifice with Kit Harington will be broadcast June, 2016.

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HOLLYWOOD – Vanessa Hudgens is in hot water again with an Instagram pic appearing to show that she has defaced the Mount Rushmore monument.

Authorities in South Dakota have stated that they wish to question the High School Musical and Grease Live star Vanessa Hudgens in regard to a photograph posted on Instagram revealed she seems to have vandalized the national monument.

The former Disney star has already  been in trouble this week after a Valentine’s Day Instagram she posted earlier seemed to show that she had carved a heart into the red rock of an Arizona national park, a park protected by law.

Hudgens told Studio Exec:

Me and Austin are going around the country leaving a trail of destruction in our wake. I mean, if you think about it, it’s hilarious. Last month whudgens vanessa hudgense went to the Statue of Liberty and I took a crap in her crown. It was fantastic.

Mr. Rushmore the owner of Mount Rushmore said that he was disgusted by the actions of Ms. Hudgens.

First she’s sending pics of herself with her dirty bits hanging out, then she’s defacing our cultural heritage. Where does it stop?

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush however applauded Hudgens for her patriotic fervor.

That little gal has moxie. She managed to plant her name and the name of her loved one right on the forehead of George Washington. Now that’s America.

Vanessa Hudgens will next be seen in court.

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HOLLYWOOD – The Grease Live television special broadcast last night on Fox to almost universal critical acclaim has been accused of plagiarism, by none other than John Travolta.

The TV spectacular Grease Live has been accused of plagiarism by former star John Travolta. Starring Julianne Hough as Sandy and Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko, the musical haled back to the old fashioned rock n’ roll of the 1950s with songs like ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ and ‘Greased Lightning’, but John Travolta has issued a statement threatening legal action:

It was clear to me last night as I watched ‘Grease Live’ that I’d seen this somewhere before. The songs were familiar. At first I thought that this was because they were so good. The way when you hear a Beatles song for the first time you feel you’ve already heard it a thousand times before. But then imagine my horror when I realized I remembered these songs because I had sung some of them. Yes, Grease Live bore an uncanny resemblance to the film Grease that I starred in sometime in 1978! In fact even the title was almost exactly the same with the additional word Live barely camouflaging the subterfuge.

A legal representative to Fox told the Studio Exec:

We bought the rights to the show. We’re totally covered. We’ve made no secret of this being a revival of an original property.Far from it, we’re depending on a certain nostalgia from the original musical.

Despite his accusations, John Travolta had nothing but praise for the stars:

They were all great especially Vanuppa Humunigeners.

Grease Live was broadcast on Sunday 31st of January.