LONDON – Hot from the success of her role as feminist icon Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3, Gwyneth Paltrow has been pitching a new film based on her blog Goop.

The film will star herself, Sarah Jessica Parker and Meryl Streep as three women in love inexplicably in love with Jamie Oliver. In there attempts to woo him, they compete at perfecting their lives, looking beautiful, cooking healthy but delicious meals, swapping shopping tips and not damaging the environment in the process.

Ms. Paltrow dropped by the Studio Exec‘s London office to big up the calamity:

It begins light enough. Imagine a superficial version of Eat Pray Love… Actually just imagine Eat Pray Love. Anyway, about halfway through Jamie Oliver realises what’s going on when we all go on a weekend retreat to find ourselves. What ensues is going to make Passolini’s Salò look like Winx.

Will Chris Martin be involved? Perhaps play on the soundtrack?

Yuk! No! We want it to be darkly horrific , not vacuously disgusting. 

Goop will be plop in 2015.