HOLLYWOOD – Matthew McConaughy and Jeff Bridges star in a Christian movie called Jesus is NOT an Asshole.

Following the success of such Christian films as God is Not Dead and Man of Steel, Christian filmmakers are once more trying their hand. The new comedy will star Jeff Bridges and Matthew McConaughey as two high school teachers who come to national fame when they insist ‘Jesus is not an asshole’, defying homosexual intellectuals everywhere.

Matthew McConaughey spoke about the project with the Studio Exec, EXCLUSIVELY:

Christianity often gets a bum rap. People thinks Christians are humorless douches and fun-killing bores. But that just ain’t so. We decided we’d make a comedy, a Christian comedy. It’s a devotional piece of work, but you’ll laugh to beat the band, I promise.

The synopsis reads:

Hank (McConaughey) and Job (Bridges) lead a pleasant life as two high school teachers. They’ve roomed together for twenty years, laughing and playing practical jokes. When a new science teacher upsets the children by telling them they’re all descended from monkeys and Jesus is more a social construct than a historical being, Hank and Job team up with the local Klan to organise a ‘Jesus is NOT an Asshole’ gala. Sued by I want to say Jewish people from New York, they take their case all the way to the Supreme Court and Neil Gorsuch.

God is NOT an Asshole will be released in time for Christmas.