HOLLYWOOD Girls star Lena Dunham announced she is to be the new Slimer in the all female reboot of Ghostbusters.

Dunham spoke to the Studio Exec about what she has planned for the character.

Hey Lena, congrats on the gig. How do you re-invent such a classic character?

I hate to sound all ‘actory’ but for me it’s like that thing where actors say putting on the character’s shoes gets them in the zone…same thing, but shit loads of slime, I’m dripping right now.

Is it helping?

I think so, I’ve tried sneaking into friends houses in the middle of the night and, like, standing at the foot of their bed moaning, without the slime it would look like either a mental breakdown or a heavy come-on. And it’s just that kind of psycho sexual ambiguity that has really helped me tap into the core of the character.

Where are you getting the slime?

Jack Nicholson hooked me up initially, he’s the go to guy for a lot of viscous material at short notice. But you wear it long enough you start to produce your own unique bacteria culture and it forms independently. I’ll be producing my own slime entirely by the time shooting starts.

Ghostbusters 3 will be released some time in the next future.


HOLLYWOOD – Acerbic comedian Sarah Silverman has signed up to play everyone’s favourite green ghoul Slimer in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot.

Silverman, who beat off the likes of Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain to win the coveted role, is currently working with Andy Serkis in order to master the art of motion capture:

“Andy is being very patient with me,” said Silverman:

He turned up on the first day and found me naked, painted green and eating out of a garbage can. I thought that was how this kind of thing worked but Andy sat me down and went through the process.

 Silverman went on to say the motion capture experience has had a profound psychological effect on her:

I feel like the character has stayed with me. I’ve found myself hiding in libraries and jumping out from behind bookshelves to scare members of the public and when I wake up in the morning my sheets are covered in Ectoplasm. It’s like I’ve been sharing my bed with a teenage boy which maybe I have, I can’t really say for sure. I’ve been eating a lot garbage lately and I think I’ve got brain poisoning.

According to Serkis, Silverman isn’t the only actor to suffer from Post Motion Capture Disorder:

It’s more common than you think. When I was doing Planet of the Apes, I often woke up to find myself chewing on a banana and throwing my own s*it at my wife. It affects some people more than others and Sarah has had it pretty easy so far. I know Benedict Cumberbatch found it really difficult to shake off the character of Smaug, so much so that I heard he was arrested last week for attempting to incinerate a dwarf with a flamethrower.

The Ghostbusters reboot is due in 2016.