HOLLYWOOD – Bob Dylan today disowned his son George Zimmerman, following the news that Zimmerman was painting confederate flags for a ‘Muslim free’ gun shop owner.

The folk singer and song writer Bob Dylan had kept silent about his son, throughout his trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012. Dylan watchers said that Dylan’s silence was an attempt to distance himself from his progeny.

Leonard Cohen when asked stated:

I didn’t know they were related. I know Bob’s real name is Zimmerman, but I don’t recall him having a son called George. But then again I haven’t seen him in a long time.

Others ridiculed the idea that Bob Dylan should say anything about George Zimmerman. Bruce Springsteen told the Studio Exec:

Why should he come out and talk about it? George Zimmerman has nothing to do with him.

But filmmaker Spike Lee argued that Dylan’s first duty was to combat racism in all its forms:

The answer Mr. Dylan is not ‘blowing in the wind’, the answer is to be forthright and complete in your condemnation of your son’s actions.

The Oldboy director went on to give out the addresses of several old people who had vaguely similar names.

However, George Zimmerman’s most recent behavior – selling paintings of confederate flags to a ‘Muslim free’ gun shop owner – seems to have been a step too far for Dylan who told Studio Exec:

George Zimmerman is NOT my son. Do you understand? Now? Finally? Jesus Christ. And now look you’ve made me curse.

George Zimmerman was unavailable for comment.



Spike Lee

RIO DE JANERO – Oldboy and Do the Right Thing director, Spike Lee has written a letter of reply to Juan Luis Garcia, a poster designer who claimed that his poster designs were used without adequate compensation to publicize Spike’s new movie. To read the full letter, click on. 

Yo Juan Luis Garcia,

I hear you been bitchin’ about me and the money you think is owed to you because you did some drawings and we used drawings to do the posters and it took you two months to do the drawings which makes me go Woah! Two months just to do drawings. I made the entire film in that time. Or nearly.

Listen, yo. You gotta understand I’m a busy man. If I ain’t turning a convicted rapist into a stand up comedian for HBO, then I’m tweeting people’s addresses as if they’re George Zimmerman. Ha ha. Hey, you don’t happen to know where he lives by the way, do you? Just I’d damn like to get it right next time. 

 Anyway. You say I’m a friend to the artist and I am. So here’s the thing. You can’t just go round complaining about shit and doing drawings. You have to be original. I think all my ideas up myself. See this Oldboy here, that’s my ORIGINAL idea. I watched Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy and I thought to myself: ‘I could remake that’. That was an ORIGINAL idea that no one else has ever had and that is why I’m rewarded with the kudos and the dollars.

So go get yourself some original ideas. Do some more drawings. Don’t take so long this time. And I wish you luck. Truly. Peace out.




HOLLYWOOD – Vigilante and film fan George Zimmerman chooses his favorite movie.

Robocop 2. Man that’s a great film. It’s like Robocop 1 but twice better.
Peter Weller is a hero of mine and when I grew up my bedroom was like a shrine dedicated to him. I had some posters of him in his Robocop costume but mostly he was just dressed in normal clothes. It was pretty hard to get hold of Peter Weller memorabilia so I decided to open the Peter Weller Fan Club to see if I could find some other people who liked him too and we could share stuff. That’s how I met my friend Osaka, a  42 year old Japanese woman who lived with her parents. She loved Peter almost as much as I do and she sent me some rare photographs of him. One was a nude photograph of her wearing a Peter Weller mask which was kinda cool. I used to carry it in my wallet but when I got married my wife said it was inappropriate.
I actually met Peter once. I had been waiting outside his house in my car for like, five days or something and I saw him walk up to his gate so I ran out to get his autograph. He looked a little shocked but I explained that I was the founder of his fan club and he was my hero. Anyway he signed some posters and I took a picture of him and me hugging. That picture has been copied and is now hanging in every room in my house. My wife doesn’t like it but she knows if it’s a choice between her and Peter, then I choose Peter.
Some say Robocop 1 is the best of the series and sure it’s good. But Peter was very uncomfortable in the original suit and the idea of him in pain makes me sad. In the sequel, his suit was made of fibre glass and he was much happier. 
Sometimes on my days off, I still park outside of his house and try and see him but he doesn’t go out much any more. I also try to call him three or four times a day but his number seems to be out of order. I hope he is all right. I think next week I’ll climb over his fence and knock on his door just to make sure he’s still alive. 
The fan club is still going but since Osaka died it’s just me and this old German guy who cannot write in English. He sent me a nude photograph of himself wearing a Peter Weller mask which was nice but I must admit I preferred Osaka’s. I really wish I had gotten to meet her. She was my very best friend in the whole world. 

One Star, * Peter.