In our increasingly innumerate series of 47 films to see before you are murdered in your dreams, we present George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

There was a time zombies didn’t bore me to death. Before zombies learned to run, or caught weird viruses. Or swarmed in CGI swarms towards Brad Pitt.

George Romero’s zombies were a simple bunch. They lurched about comically in blue-face make up with their eyes fixed on some middle distance. You might laugh at them, but be careful. They’d soon take chunks out of your viscera.

Dawn of the Dead is the second film in Romero’s zombie series. With a bigger budget, Romero broadens his scope. He begins to draw out a social commentary about American society. David Emge plays Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews, a pilot who wants to rescue his TV executive girlfriend Fran (Gaylen Ross). Along with SWAT cops Peter (Ken Foree) and Roger (Scott Reiniger) escape the city where the lights are literally going out. They stop on the roof of a shopping mall, but finding an abundance of stuff the decide to hole up there, despite the swarming zombies downstairs.

The zombies are now literally mindless consumers, but so is everyone who approaches the shopping mall. A motorcycle gang who have been efficiently killing their way through the undead lose their cool entirely when they start looting the store. Even a zombie apocalypse can’t stop the lure of capitalism from making everyone try to destroy each other.

The effects and the horror are goopy and fun. There are some very effective shots. And Romero balances the gross out and the comedy with a sensitivity to the emotional part of the film. A scene in which one of our heroes has to kill two zombie children is particularly affecting. When the gang turns up, headed by make up artist and stunt man Tom Savini, you can’t help but shift your sympathies to the poor zombies who are massacred by the bikers before getting some well earned revenge.

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HOLLYWOOD – Nic Pizzolatto revealed today that True Detective Season 3 will have a title change and some significant differences to the first two seasons.

“A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet” wrote Julian Fellowes or someone, but HBO seem to disagree and are hoping that the title change of True Detective 3 will create a much needed in critical and audience reaction. The second season indeed was so poorly received that its still quite high ratings were explained as being due to ‘hate watching’.

Nic Pizzolatto, close friend of the Studio Exec, popped in to the Studio Exec bungalow to explain his thinking:

I think I’ve got bogged down in certain genre aspects of what I was trying to do. The first show had this Lovecraft type thing going on. The second I was Los Angeles bound and I was very influenced by James Ellroy. But with the next season I’m going to take George Romero as my primary influencer.

That sounds like a real change.

Oh it is. And it will be reflected in the action of the story. I can’t tell you too much as we’re in the process of casting and still developing the scripts, but my thoughts are clear that what people want is something much more direct, less dense, packed with action as well perhaps.

But George Romero is more famed as a horror director. 

And we will be going more in that direction and why not? We had element of that in the first season and I’d like to bring it back. I feel it was something that a lot of people missed from the second. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely proud of what we were able to accomplish in the second show. We managed to Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell and no one laughed. Not once. At least not intentionally.

Fear the True Detective will be broadcast June 2016.


HOLLYWOOD – Paul Feig has announced that he is ready to start pre-production on a horror version of the beloved coming of age classic Dirty Dancing (1987) titled Dawn of The Dirty Dancing (2016)

The script, written by Child’s Play (1988) scribe Don Mancini, has been circulating Hollywood for years and at one point Patrick Swayze was set to reprise his role as snake- hipped ladies man, Johnny Castle. Unfortunately Swayze’s untimely death led to the project being shelved and it wasn’t until late 2011 that the screenplay eventually landed on Feig’s desk.
“It’s probably the best script I’ve ever read” said a lucid Feig:
Basically it’s a carbon copy of the original. Same narrative, same dialogue it’s just that in our version some of the characters happen to be flesh-eating Zombies.
Feig confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence would be replacing Jennifer Grey as wide-eyed innocent Baby but he admits he had difficulty finding an actor to step into Swayze’s dancing shoes:
Obviously Patrick would have been my number one choice because he made the role his own. We did investigate the possibility of using a mixture of animatronics , Voodoo and CGI to bring him back to life but in the end we decided it was too expensive so we went with everybody’s second choice, Nicolas Cage.
So far Cage has been unavailable for comment but Feig confirmed the rumour that he has spent the last six months learning the dance steps and eating nothing but brains and entrails:
Nic is a true artist and goes to extreme lengths to get into character. I mean you try dancing the Mambo after you’ve eaten a bowl full of raw pig intestines.
Feig also confirmed that if Dawn of The Dirty Dancing is a box-office success, he has plans for at least two more follow-ups:
Don has already completed a first draft of Day of The Dirty Dancing and we are currently tossing around ideas for Land of the Dirty Dancing. It’s all about financing though so if our first movie makes enough dough, I’m eager to complete the trilogy.
Dawn of the Dirty Dancing is due for release in late 2013