HollywoodQuentin Tarantino Disappointed By Happy Feet. The Exec sat down with the maverick auteur in a series of exclusive interviews and one question we asked why was Quentin Tarantino disappointed by Happy Feet? 

Quentin Tarantino Disappointed By Happy Feet?

‘So there I was, years ago, having morning coffee with George Miller in the Beverly Wilshire. It must have been about 2006. And he starts to tell me he has a new film coming out and it’s called Happy Feet. I said to him ‘Stop talking right fucking now George. Don’t you say another word, I’m in. I gotta see this movie blind. I don’t wanna hear another fucking thing about it.’ I mean it was like fireworks going off in my head, but also in my pants.’

‘Private Screening’

‘I got George to send me over a print to my office so I could have, you know, a ‘private screening’. I get it all set up by myself. I’ve given everyone the afternoon off so I could really go to town on this sucker. I’ve got plenty of lotion and Cleenex and I’m sat down, ready to have my world rocked. And then the movie starts.’

What The Fuck Is This?

‘This fucking cutesy cartoon comes on. Fucking Penguins running around, dancing and fucking singing. No one even gets shot in the first reel. No one has any fucking toes. It’s all webbed feet and fucking dancing. What the actual shit? This is from the guy who made Mad Max. Where’s the fucking apocalyptic, steam-punks in leather chaps and S&M gear? It’s got the word feet in the title. Where’s Uma with her beautiful big toes?’

Not All Bad

‘Man, I was so frustrated after seeing that movie. It was around the time I was writing the final touches on my shooting script for Inglorious Basterds and so I just thought, fuck it. I’m gonna shoot Hitler in the face. And a movie moment was born. True story.’

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LONDON – Mad Max director George Miller has turned down the opportunity to make Mad Max: Brexit.

George Miller rejected an offer by the UK government to set his next Mad Max film in Britain.

A source close to the director told the Studio Exec:

We’ve had approaches from Prime Minister Teresa May’s office. They were actually quite detailed. They showed a post-Apocalyptic, post-Brexit world in which the economy has crashed and social order has broken down. The English countryside is ruled by gangs of marauding UKIPers and Corbynistas gone feral. Although this seems an exciting and credible storyline, the fact of the matter is we’re all just so bored of Brexit now. Who cares? Really?

The government however have responded that they are willing to do anything to attract foreign investment. A source close to the British Prime Minister told the EXEC:

We think that Britain would be the perfect setting for a Mad Max movie. Not only because of the possibility of the story. Let’s face it with unemployment back on the way up and a collapse in social services, life is going to be fairly cheap. No need to waste money on stuntmen and expensive extras. Plus we’ll be rid of all those terrible EU rules and regulations about ‘not killing people’ and not burning people alive in gasoline’.

Mad Max: Brexit is still in the development stage.


HOLLYWOOD – The first image from Mad Max: School Run, the sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, has hit the internet and caused intense excitement.

George Miller today released the first image taken from Mad Max sequel, Mad Max: School Run. He told the Studio Exec EXCLUSIVELY:

We’re all made up over here mate. After we had such a big success with Fury Road, the question was always, how am I gonna top that? But we got our heads together and we really had a good old think. Then we realized: Let’s get rid of all the usual shit, the post-apocalypse, the punk, the wasteland and let’s see how these same characters would fare in an ordinary suburban American situation.

Can you tell us anything about the story?

Furiosa and Max have had some kids and they’ve settled down. Plus the apocalypse has been solved. Everyone has just got together adn agreed to be nice again. So we’re ten years on from the original film, society is back to normal and the couple have a bevvy of little sprogs. But getting them to school on time and then Max has to go to his job at the DMC and Furiosa needs to be at the Pentagon and so it works out very complicated. It doesn’t help that Immortan Josephine is the school monitor and wants to catch them speeding or in some other school yard violation as revenge for their killing of her brother Immortan Joe.

Sounds great!

It’s gonna be a flipping classic mate. Just you wait and see.

What’s next?

I want to go back to the Babe universe and close the trilogy.

Is this the infamous Babe in Space?

Damn right. We had to wait for a porn film of the same name to settle for the copyright, but it’s gonna be fantastic.

Mad Max: School Run will open in 2018.

Image courtesy of the amazing @ThePixelFactor.


In our continuing series of 47 Films to see before you’re murdered in your dreams, we look at Chris Noonan’s beautiful Babe.

Babe‘s the perfect film. Flawless and exceptional from conception to finished product. On the surface, an inspirational fairy story about a pig and a farmer, defying the odds but underneath there are more layers than a royal wedding cake.

It deals with issues of class, race and religion in a simple but tremendously intelligent and effecting way. Who knows how many thousands were converted to vegetarianism after their first viewing? If you don’t like Babe, there’s obviously something fundamentally wrong with you: you’re a monster. If you’ve ever on a first date, ask ‘Do you like Babe?’ and if they say ‘no’, run for the hills and never look back.
Made for $30 million and taking in well over $200m at the box office the screenplay (based on Dick King Smith‘s popular children’s story The Sheep Pig) was written by George Miller, the man behind Mad Max for Christ’s sake and if that isn’t strange enough some obscure guy called Chris Noonan who hadn’t made anything worth a damn before or since seems to have been temporally blessed with ‘Mad skills’ as those who dwell in deprived urban areas might say. Then we have James Cromwell‘s Farmer Hoggett, he barely utters a word throughout but when you consider the environment he was working in, basically a room full of animals and puppets his performance is nothing short of majestic.
People often forget it received seven Oscar nominations, losing out to Braveheart for best picture. I happen to like the Willy Wallace yarn but it’s not even in the same league as the pig flick and things get weird when you browse through those top 100 hundred family films list that plague the internet. Babe doesn’t feature once in any top twenty and in lots of lists doesn’t feature at all. It’s as though there has been some conspiracy by the pork industry to downplay the movie’s popularity and appeal and yet it’s easily equal to the best of the Toy Storytrilogy and as far as I’m concerned, it’s up there with the all time greats, such as The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins.
If you’ve never seen it you’re in for a treat. If you’ve not seen it for a while refresh your memory and if you’re a parent and you’ve never sat and watched it with your children then that’s akin to criminal neglect and the authorities should be notified immediately.

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HOLLYWOOD – Miley Cyrus has confirmed that she will be appearing in the new George Miller film Babe 3, sources close to the singer declared.

The new cover shot of the naked singer that recently graced the cover of Paper was actually an on set photograph snapped during filming with Miley Cyrus and her co-star Truffles.

The film’s director – and close friend to the Studio Exec – George Miller spoke EXCLUSIVELY about the project:

First I get a chance to revisit the universe of Mad Max with my wonderful Mad Max Fury Road. I won’t deny it, this has emboldened me. I’ve had a script ready for Babe 3 sitting in the drawer for some time, but after Babe 2 I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance. Then Miley contacted me and she told me she loved the Babe films and would she have anything for me. I sent her over the script and we sealed the deal soon after. She is a very talented young actress and Truffles is a wonder.

What happens in the movie?

Well, essentially we had Babe in the country and then Babe in the City and now I want to do Babe at Sea. Babe and his friend Hannah are on a cruise when the ship they’re travelling on is hit by a tidal wave and sinks. Hannah and her pig have to survive in a lifeboat and no clothes. Luckily they find some nipple pasties.

Will Miley sing?

Ha! We had that conversation. I said she didn’t have to wear any clothes and she agreed not to sing. We were both as happy as a pig…. in a film.

The Life of Pig will be released in 2017.


CANNES – MAD MAX FURY ROAD – is a rollicking rock and roll road movie, a two hour chase which never lets up, and yet for all the thrills and spills, George Miller has made a sharply clever film as well.

So the plot is this: there has been some kind of nuclear skirmish and everywhere looks like a rock video from the late eighties. Tom Hardy plays Max, an ex-cop turned road warrior turned appropriately nutty alliterative man. He’s taken prisoner by a the war boys and Immorten Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne, the original Mad Max’s Toecutter), who use him as a blood bag to revive the radiation sick lads, but when war chief Imperator Furiosa (a stunning Charlize Theron) decides to hijack her own convoy and steal away with Joe’s prize possessions – his women, who look like they’ve just stepped off a Benetton billboard – Max finds himself dragged along the chase, not as a driver or a killer, but as blood refill.

What happens for the next two hours is just gobsmackingly fun! Miller is so knowingly confident of his own high-ridiculousness that he even has the convoy include a rock orchestra to play the soundtrack on screen. The action is stunning, the use of real stunts making all the difference. The building of tension and the inventiveness of the sequences bespeak sharp minds at work and the ludicrousness of it all is part of the exhilarating fun. The feminist turn the story takes is one of the many pleasing surprises as the damsels in distress shuck of their victimhood and kick ass.

Hardy’s great, Theron’s better, but when it comes down to it this is a film from the GENIUS George Miller. There’s no arguing with that.


HOLLYWOOD – When you see Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road, it will be as the young version of Max and George Miller has confirmed that we won’t be seeing a cameo from the original star Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson spoke EXCLUSIVELY to the Studio Exec about his history with the franchise and his current projects.

When George came to me and said they were going to do a new Mad Max film, of course I was excited to do it. But this was back in 2000. And a lot of things happened in the meantime and I also got older. So the chances of me playing the character in the way the script and the story needed became very slim. When they finally decided to go with Tom I was really pleased. I think it serves the film much better.

Will there be a cameo from you?

No. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted the new film to stand very much on its own two feet. At least that’s what George said and I’m very protective of the franchise and so what George thinks is right can go. You have to remember I was only a kid when we made the first film. I remember reading the script. It was called Nutty Nick and was much more broadly comic than what we ended up filming.

Were there any other differences?

We didn’t have much money and so all the car chases you see are done with the same car. And when we had to crash into another car for some reason we would just go out on the road looking for a car to crash into.

Didn’t that get you into legal trouble?

We all went to prison for about a year. Fortunately the film was a hit, so it was worth it. But George is always so committed to making his films as real as possible. When he filmed Babe most people wanted him to overdub the pig, but George was so committed to realism he spent six years training the pig to actually talk.

 What about new projects?

I’d like to do some more directing. I’m working on a prequel to the Passion of the Christ, which will be called Bethlehem. And I’ve been writing volume two of my autobiography, which I hope will lay to rest some of the more toxic rumors.

It’ll be great to see you back on top.

Thanks. Hopefully if I can keep my big mouth shut, I can do something special.

Volume 2 of Mel Gibson’s autobiography – Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews – will be available from all good bookstores shortly.  


HOLLYWOOD – Last night I got a chance to see – along with some other Hollywood insiders – a rough cut of Mad Max: Fury Road, the new take on the Mad Max series, starring flavor of the hour Tom Hardy

The first thing I suppose I ought to say is that the special effects had largely not been completed and so there were very few, if any, in the version I saw, which obviously means a large part of the film didn’t make much sense and there was far more talking than you probably would expect from your average post-apocalyptic road movie. That said the post-apocalyptic landscape was really dark. By which I mean I couldn’t see hardly anything. It seemed to mostly take place, almost completely, at night. He drives along the motorway and there aren’t actually any chases, or crashes, at least not in this version. Again they’ll probably be added later. 

Tom Hardy is excellent as Max, but he takes him – as you’d expect – in a totally different direction. First, of all he’s Welsh. He has a beard and he talks gently to people, except when he gets a bit upset (or mad I suppose). It’s a much more subtle, nuanced characterization, as he spends a lot of time talking about a ‘cement fill’ and working out some problem he has with his wife and another woman! 

To keep the journalists away and the whole thing very secret they showed the film under another name. And I was quite impressed with the lengths they went to, even dubbing the name into the dialogue so that Max was called Locke throughout the film. But all this will be cleared up by the time of the film’s release sometime next year. 


Good Morning Sir. Thanks for joining us.

Not at all, dear boy. Not at all.

How did you get the role in The Lone Ranger?

Well I was coming off a two month run of Henry V at the Old Vic. An astounding production and Kevin Spacey is such a joy to work with. Superb! Anyway, Johnny came to see me in my dressing room after the final performance and asked if I wanted to play the lead in The Lone Ranger. Well at first I thought it was a silly idea I mean, kids these days haven’t the foggiest who The Lone Ranger is and when Johnny told me he was playing Tonto, I swear I almost choked on my hay bale.

And yet despite your reservations you accepted the part?

Well you see darling as much as I’m a firm believer in artistic integrity, I was four months behind on my rent and I owed a rather large gambling debt to some irate East End gangsters. Poker you see. Omar Sharif introduced me to it when we were working together on Dr Zhivago. A beautiful game indeed but expensive and occasionally perilous. I mean look what happened to my old friend Shergar. One minute he’s eighty grand up on the roulette table at the Ritz Club, the next he owes a hundred thousand pounds to a syndicate of Irish gentlemen and mysteriously goes missing. I have no intention of being ground into hamburger mince so I gratefully accepted Johnny’s offer.

What was Johnny like to work with?

Oh the man’s a joy. His acting methodology is so subtle you’d swear he wasn’t acting at all. A consummate professional and a top chap. We go back years of course to the day’s when he was dating Kate (Moss) and we frequently did vast amounts of narcotics together. I’ve knocked all the drugs on the head these days, Vets orders, and wine and the occasional cigarette are my only vices but Johnny, he’s still something of a wild man.

Are you saying he still dabbles?

Well I don’t want to tell tales outside of school but somebody did bang on my trailer door in the early hours of the morning on several occasions screaming for me to provide them with a dose of Ketamine. I always keep a healthy supply due to the back injury I received whilst filming Far and Away. Anyway I hate to see a fellow creature in pain so I may or may not have left my medicine cabinet unlocked from time to time.

The film hasn’t been very well received by critics and is looking like a box office flop. Does that bother you?

Oh not at all dear boy. Not at all. Of course it’s fabulous if a film does do well but it’s such an uncertain business and once you’ve been in the game as long as I have. You simply do your job to the best of your ability, grab your wages and forget about it. I mean take Heaven’s Gate for example. Easily some of my finest work and we all thought it was going to be a big hit but the audiences rejected it.

What’s next for you?

Well I am contractually obliged to perform in the sequel to the Lone Ranger but it’s doubtful that will happen. I’ve just finished working on Mad Max: Thunder Road with George Miller, Tom Hardy and the delicious Charlize Theron. I’m narrating a documentary on the History of Farmyard Machinery for the BBC and there is another exciting project on the horizon but I can’t really talk about it.

Internet rumours suggest that project is Star Wars VII.

Oh behave. All will be revealed in time now go on, shoo I have a yoga class in 30 minutes.

Thanks for the interview

Go! And may the horse be with you.