Dear George

I recently refused to promote a film I starred in because, in my opinion, the scenes of graphic violence are excessive and in light of recent gun tragedies I can no longer endorse any film which might inspire somebody to endanger the life of another human being. This is not a decision I have taken lightly and it would mean a lot to me George if you agreed with this course of action.



Dear Jim

I sympathise and totally understand why you made your decision but NIGGA IZ YOU CRAZY!?

Sure, people get inspired to shoot their next door neighbour in the balls after watching Robocop. No doubt about it. But the vast majority of these crazy bastards would chop up their girlfriends because they read it in the phone directory or get inspired by the talking pastrami sandwich they claim is ordering them to disembowel their grandmothers. Some folks are just dry roasted nuts. Sure, there will be an explanation for it. Childhood neglect, bullying, a blow to the head or a bad cocktail of brain chemicals and that’s all very sad but the fact remains that these cats could go loco if the wind changed direction never mind during a matinee showing of The Running Man. 

Believe it or not but we live in the most non-violent period in human history and sure, people shouldn’t be allowed access to guns and munitions but neither should governments and as long as one guy in the world has a pistol, a knife or a sharp wooden stick, there is always going to be someone who thinks they need a weapon to defend themselves from that guy. I admire the social conscience Jim, but how’s about you come down from Mount Sinai and you and me co-star in that remake of Code Name: Wild Geese that we’ve always talked about.